Friday Focus 15/07/22 – Intense

This week has felt somewhat intense. Emotionally, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster with joy and sadness very much mixed together at times, especially at Sophie’s Girls’ Brigade awards evening. I made sure I had some much-needed time out this week sitting quietly at Jessica’s forever bed. It helped too that Thomas had a nap in the buggy so I could just focus my attention on spending time talking to Jessica.


The word 'intense' in red, oranges and yellow


I’ve been feeling the pressure too with church responsibilities, especially as my available time to focus on things while Sophie and Thomas are at school and preschool is dwindling away rapidly. There’s a lot going on at the moment and the to-do list has felt overwhelming at times. I’m hoping though that I’ve finally managed to break the back of it and that I can keep things at a much more manageable level over the summer holidays.


Thomas and Sophie have both been unwell this week. Unfortunately for Thomas, it meant missing out on his preschool sports day which I was quite sad about. Another thing that he’s now missed out on doing that his sisters got do to at preschool. Sophie’s off school today as she was unwell in the night so she’s missing out on the Brigades’ barbecue this evening. I’m hoping that hubby and I both manage to avoid getting ill.


Next week looks set to be very intense on the heat front. We’ll be taking things as easy as we can and trying to stay cool indoors as much as possible!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and my goddaughter with their awards at the Girls' Brigade awards evening; Sophie's feet in her tap shoes on the tap board; Sophie at her dance school picnic; me and hubby on a date night; a green desktop fan; Thomas playing with a set of monster scales; Thomas asleep in his bed - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 28"


  • Day 189 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed the Brigades’ awards evening. Super proud of her for getting her badges for the year along with winning the Explorers marks competition and the attendance trophy. It was also a huge honour to present Jessica’s memorial cup to my lovely goddaughter who was a very deserving winner. Emotional evening all round especially with Sophie being promoted to the Junior section this evening too. Jessica would have been very proud.


  • Day 190 – I am grateful for my new tap board. Sophie’s been enjoying practising some of her tap steps out in the garden this evening.


  • Day 191 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon at Sophie’s dance school picnic.


  • Day 192 – I am grateful for another year of married life with my husband, the shared memories we have, and his support through all the ups and downs of life.


  • Day 193 – I am grateful for fans.


  • Day 194 – I am grateful for number toys.


  • Day 195 – I am grateful that Sophie was a super-helpful big sister this evening and offered to put Thomas to bed while I was on an evening Zoom meeting as Daddy was also working late this evening.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Helping Thomas make a spoon puppet at Tots Go Wild.


Thomas holding up a spoon puppet


  • Sophie practising cartwheels in the garden.


  • Sophie winning the tap award at her dance school picnic.


  • Going out for a meal with my husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary.


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/07/22 – Intense

  1. I am glad you had some time at Jessica’s forever bed and took some time out.
    It sounds like you have a lot on at the moment. I am glad you feel more on top of it now.
    So sorry your two have been unwell. It it rubbish especially at this time of year when there is so much going on with it being the end of term. I hope you and your hubby both stay well.
    Lovely photos. Well done to Sophie at the Brigades. x

  2. I’m sorry Thomas and Sophie have been unwell, I hope they are fully recovered now. I love Thomas’ spoon puppet. Happy anniversary to you and your husband, I’m glad you managed to celbrate.

  3. Happy anniversary to you both, sorry to hear the children were poorly. Hope the church work calms down soon or you manage to get some help with it or the child care. Lovely to spend time 1:1 talking to Jessica, I hope it helped

    1. Thank you, it’s calmed down a bit and yes it did help spending some time with Jessica.

  4. Hope the kids are both feeling better now. I always find the end of term is overwhelming and intense as you have so much to squeeze in

    1. Thank you, they weren’t unwell for long. The end of term is certainly a hectic time isn’t it?

  5. I hope you had a lovely anniversary and that things settle down so you are less busy. What a shame about sports day but fingers crossed that immunity will increase among our little ones again soon after all the covid closures. #project365

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