Friday Focus 13/10/17 – Struggling through the week

I’ve found it a bit of a struggle to get through this week. Hubby has been working crazy hours again and is now away for the next week. The girls have been quite restless during the night and I’ve seen 3am too many times as a result. I’m tired, my patience levels are low and I’m having to fly solo with it all.


Struggle - this week's word of the week


Most of the time I cope fairly well with hubby being away. I’m used to it and I have my normal routines with the girls that are manageable on my own. But it is hard, especially when work gets this busy. In the brief periods when hubby is actually home, it’s mostly just to grab some sleep before having to head out again. The girls don’t really get to anything of him and I’m still mostly having to manage on my own. In some ways it gets a little easier when he does go away. I’m less aware of the crazy hours he has to work, and therefore worry less about it. Plus I sleep a little better when I’m not half-listening for him to come home.


Tough as it is, I know that it will ease off again at some point. I think it’s harder this time because I know what lies at the end of this busy period. I’m aware that November is getting closer and that we will soon get a date for Jessica’s surgery. It leaves me feeling torn – wanting the busy period to end and to have hubby home again, but wanting to hold on to these days too.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Catching up with a friend over lunch.


  • Going out for a meal to celebrate hubby’s aunt’s 80th birthday.


Hubby, his aunt and Sophie out for a meal to celebrate hubby's aunt's birthday


  • Jessica and Sophie dancing around the room while watching Strictly.


  • Having some Mummy-Jessica time and enjoying a lovely long walk (for me, at least – Jessica had a nice buggy ride instead!) around Black Park. We also managed to find a couple of geocaches along the way.


Jessica finding a geocache


  • Sophie enjoying dressing-up for two Pirates and Princesses days at preschool.


Sophie standing in front of a brick wall, wearing her pirate costume


  • Receiving a lovely handmade quilt for Sophie in the post.


Sophie's handmade quilt

The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 13/10/17 – Struggling through the week

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you have had such a tough week. I hope things settle down for you soon and you can try and enjoy the rest of the month together. Sophie look so cute as a pirate I bet she had lots of fun. That quilt is gorgeous, I have one upstairs that was handmade for my eldest daughter, she passed it on to Daisy who absolutely loves it. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Thank you Angela. The weekend has been a bit better. I think I just need to make sure I get some early nights in x

  2. Tiredness can make it seem all the more difficult too. The worrying can’t help. I hope you get some well deserved rest soon. I’d be tempted to wrap mysef up in the beautiful quilt. Lucky Sophie. I bet she loves it. Certainly looks cute in her pirate outfit. Hope she had a fun day. Lovey to get out in nature with Jessica. Always goes some way to recharging my batteries. Have a good weekend. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Getting out and about always helps make me feel better – I probably could do with doing a bit more of it at the moment.

  3. Louise,

    I hope today isn’t so stressful for you as recent days have been. When you’re flying solo at times like this, being able to call on the support of family and friends is simply beyond price. Paradoxically, you may find the situation more manageable once you do have a definite date for Jessica’s Fontan procedure.

    1. Thank you, the weekend was a little better. Having support makes a big difference. I think you’re right that having a date might help in some respects – I do feel like I’m just waiting for that call at the moment which is stressful in itself.

  4. Sounds like a tiring and tough week. It’s so hard to keep patient and upbeat when you’re tired, and juggling it all alone. And then to have the surgery in the back of your mind all the time is bound to wear you down. I hope this week’s easier and you all manage to get some sleep x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. I’m aiming for some early nights this week which should hopefully help x

  5. Bless you! Sending you a big hug. It sounds like you have had a really tough week. With little sleep it becomes so hard….
    That quilt is beautiful x

    1. Thank you Kim, lack of sleep always makes things seem harder. Lots of early nights needed this week methinks! x

  6. Sorry you’re having a tough time, I understand your dilemma, it must be a real toss up between wanting to get through the busy times and not wanting Jessica’s surgery to come around. Is this likely to be her last surgery or will she have to have them regularly throughout her life?

    1. Thank you Nat – that feeling of wanting to get through the busy time and yet not wanting to is very conflicting. This is the last planned surgery for Jessica. She may well need more surgeries after it if concerns come up during her check-ups as she gets older – it all depends on how well her heart is working x

  7. Oh wow that quilt is just so pretty, and I am so sorry you have had a bad week some weeks are just tough aren’t they? I hope the week ahead is a better one for you my lovely x

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