Friday Focus 11/09/20 – Adjusting

We’re gradually adjusting into the old routine again and getting used to Sophie being at school during the day. She’s enjoying being back with her friends and although the house still feels very quiet during the day, it has been nice to have some one-to-one time with Thomas too.


The word 'adjusting'


Some of the changes with school have taken a little getting used to. Having to drop off and pick up outside the gate. Taking Sophie to school in her PE clothes or Muddy Puddles kit on days when she has those. Wearing face masks on the school run. I miss the chats with other parents at the classroom door. It all feels very detached at the moment, and while I know that the changes are there to keep people safe, it doesn’t make them any easier to adjust to.


Ballet and tap classes have started back in the studio after being online or outside over the last few months. It’s a small ballet school so there’s only a few children in each class and it sounds like they’re doing their best with distancing.


With the rise in Covid-19 cases, the restrictions have been adjusted again. Going back to only being able to interact in groups of six isn’t really a change for us as we’ve haven’t been meeting up with many people anyway, but I still feel unsettled by the tightening of restrictions. It was hard feeling isolated in spring but I think it will be harder over the coming months especially with winter blues to take into account.


It’s been quite an up and down week on the whole. This time of year is always a tough one as Jessica’s birthday falls at the start of the school year. Last Sunday would have been her 9th birthday. I made her a Hey Duggee cake and we had a little birthday picnic next to her forever bed. It’s becoming a tradition to mark Jessica’s birthday this way now. A special time to focus on Jessica and all our beautiful memories; space to allow for both sadness and smiles.

A Hey Duggee cake and a vase of flowers either side of Jessica's memorial at her forever bed


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Collecting conkers with Sophie.


  • Meeting up with a friend for the first time since lockdown. We enjoyed our socially-distanced walk and Thomas had fun exploring.


Thomas standing under the trees in Langley Park


  • Being sent a box of yummy cupcakes from a friend to mark Jessica’s birthday.


A box of six cupcakes - with different toppings (Aero mint balls, jelly beans, dolly mixtures, a flake and sprinkles, a Kinder Bueno and an Oreo cookie)


  • Sophie’s delight at being given a big bag of Rainbow Magic fairy books after a friend’s daughter had a clear-out.


  • Sitting in the garden watching Thomas play.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 11/09/20 – Adjusting

  1. We are the same adjusting to the new routine but it’s taking some getting used to.
    I haven’t had much to do with my girls school or college but they have said the changes are OK. It must be strange not having that chat with other parents at the the classroom door.
    I am glad you’ve found some reasons to smile this week. x

    1. It does take some getting used to, doesn’t it? I’m glad your girls are finding the changes are okay x

  2. There has been so much adjusting to all year but I think the return to school has been the biggest one yet. We’ve just heard that from Tuesday we can no longer visit another person’s house, or even meet in their garden. But you can go to the pub still, it all seems a little crazy!
    I’m glad you celebrated Jessica’s birthday. It must be so difficult but it helps to make these days special. x

    1. It does all seem a little crazy doesn’t it? It’s that weird balance of trying to have some normality while trying to keep numbers done and some things make sense and others don’t. Jessica’s birthday was a tough day but we did have some smiles too x

  3. Primary is so much more social than secondary, for the parents. I hadn’t thought how different picking up and dropping off must be now. It’s those small connections that can make all the difference. I’m impressed that clubs like ballet are finding a way to continue. Jessica’s cake is lovely and I’m glad that you have found such a beautiful way to celebrate her birthday. #wotw

    1. Thanks Cheryl. It does all feel very different now and I miss those little moments of connection. I’m glad Sophie is able to enjoy getting back to her activities in a safe way. Thomas’s ones are starting to open up too but we’re sticking to the online classes for now. We enjoyed Jessica’s birthday cake – Thomas especially! It was a tough day, but there were smiles too.

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