Friday Focus 09/02/18 – Flying solo

Hubby’s been away working on an event this week so I’ve been flying solo once again. I’ve become used to these periods of time on my own now. I tend to find the build-up to him going away harder than when he is away. The run-up to events is always busy and a little unpredictable – he’s often working until the early hours, which means I sleep badly as I’m half-waiting for him to come home. I tend to relax a little more once he goes away and settle into my own routine with the girls. Plus there’s that little bit more space in the bed if the girls decide they want to join me in the night!


The word "solo" drawn with a pilot in a bi-plane


I do miss having that second pair of hands to help out though – especially in the morning rush and during bedtime. It’s always good to have him back home again – and lovely to see the girls’ excitement when there are no more sleeps to count down and Daddy is home again. This time, it’s a brief homecoming as he’s back for the weekend, but away again next week during half-term. On the plus side, we have my mum coming to stay for a few days which should make it easier.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Having an afternoon and evening out and catching up with some friends from my midwifery days.


  • Jessica’s delight at having her own sketchbook and watching her trying to copy some of my drawings.


  • Jessica and Sophie walking hand-in-hand to preschool in the mornings.


Jessica and Sophie walking hand-in-hand on the preschool run


  • Going on a nature walk with Jessica and Sophie. Jessica did really well with the walk – it was the furthest she’d walked since her surgery and distance-wise was about the limit she could manage pre-Fontan.


Jessica and Sophie looking at a bug hotel on our nature walk


  • Going to see Jessica’s class assembly so she could see some of her school friends.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 09/02/18 – Flying solo

  1. I can imagine that the build up to your husband going away could be busy. Getting everything done by the unmoveable deadline. Glad that flying solo isn’t so testing now. How lovely that your mother is coming to stay. I hope you have a lovely time. Wow to Jessica walking so far after her operation. Hope that is a good sign of things to come. Have a lovely weekend. #wotw

  2. I imagine that you soon find your own routine when your husband’s away, but of course you all miss him. Hope you manage some quality time together before he’s off again. Sounds like Jessica’s doing really well, it’s so good to hear. Hope you all have a lovely half term x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. It’s tough isn’t it when you loose that extra pair of hands. I hope you all have a wonderful half term, it sounds like Jessica is doing really well x

  4. Jessica is doing so well. I hope you all have a lovely half term break. My husband always used to work away in the week and I found the changing routines hard to manage x #wotw

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