Friday Focus 07/02/2020 – Making the most of the ordinary moments

We’ve been making the most of the ordinary moments this week; enjoying the everyday moments of family life before hubby flies off to Australia on Sunday for a two-week work trip. The run-up to work trips is often a hectic time but this time it hasn’t been quite as crazy as usual. We’ve managed to have a reasonable amount of family time together, with hubby home in time for bedtime most evenings (which doesn’t happen all that often so it’s very nice when it does!)


The word 'ordinary'


It makes such a difference when we get a decent chunk of quality family time like this. I’m used to the shift in routines that comes with hubby’s work trips, and the periods of flying solo, but we’re all so much happier for having proper time together. Weeks like these are just what we need to recharge our batteries again so we can get through the busy periods. It’s been good to have another week where life has stayed mostly on an even keel. I’ll be making the most of the next couple of days before the juggling act begins once more!



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Going to see my friend performing in a production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’.


  • Revisiting old memories with a walk around my old university where hubby and I met more than 21 years ago.


A selfie of me and my husband on our old university campus


  • Watching Sophie having fun making pizza at her friend’s pizza party.


Sophie flattening her pizza dough at her friend's pizza party


  • Going for a walk around West Wycombe Park, planting a snowdrop in memory of Jessica and watching Sophie having fun rolling down a hill “because that’s what Jessica loved doing.”


Sophie and Thomas sitting in a field of snowdrops with Sophie digging a hole with a trowel to plant a snowdrop


  • Catching up with a friend who lives in France but was over for a brief visit mid-week.


  • After-school trips to the park.


  • Taking Thomas to the barber for his first proper haircut. He was so good at sitting still even when the clippers came out!


Thomas at the barber's having his hair cut


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas playing together in the garden.


Sophie looking through the window of her playhouse with Thomas looking at her through the window on the other side of the house


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 07/02/2020 – Making the most of the ordinary moments

  1. Lots of lovely moments, it’s nice to keep everything ordinary sometimes. Thomas did well with his first haircut, I love to see them playing together. x

    1. Thank you Anne, it is nice to have a calm week and just be able to enjoy the ordinary moments x

    1. Oh bless you Jenny, that’s very kind! Yes, we’re both 40 – we were 19 when we first met at uni x

  2. I can imagine how a week together is extra special. How lovely to go back to your Uni and catch up with friends. How good was Thomas having his hair cut! Used to love West Wycombe Park. The snowdrops must be amazing. A wonderful way to remember Jessica, including the rolling down the hill. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and next week is calm too. #wotw

    1. Thank you, it’s been lovely to have some proper quality time in the run-up to hubby going away – it usually is such a hectic time so I’m really enjoying the calm before it all gets busy next week. West Wycombe Park is such a lovely place to plant snowdrops and remember Jessica and I do love that Sophie remembered Jessica’s love of rolling down hills.

  3. Your little Sophie looks like quite the chef! What a cutie. Snowdrops are one of my favorite flowers. They always seem so hopeful in the spring. They are not blooming yet where I live. So fitting that you planted one in Jessica’s memory.

  4. What a beautiful week! Thank you for sharing photos. It’s always fun to see smiling faces of little ones enjoying life. And older ones too–how fun that you and your hubby got to revisit your own stomping grounds. 🙂

  5. Ordinary sounds good especially with your hubby flying off for work. It is nice to have family time.
    What lovely moments you have had this past week. Aww! The first haircut is always such a big moment x

    1. It has been lovely to have that quality time together. The first haircut is such a milestone, isn’t it? Thomas looks quite grown up with his short hair.

  6. It’s nice that you’ve had lots of lovely family time this week, it must be hard juggling it all when your husband is away but you manage so well. It looks like Sophie and Thomas have had some fun this week. Planting a Snowdrop is a lovely way to remember Jessica x

    1. It does feel like a lot of juggling at times but I’m used to it now and settle quite quickly back into my own routines.

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