Friday Focus 06/03/2020 – Singing along

It’s been nice to be singing regularly again now that rehearsals are underway for the concert that my mother-in-law and I are organising. We’ve been working through the ensemble numbers over the last couple of weeks and are about to start focusing on the small group numbers and solos. I’m looking forward to singing a duet with Sophie as well as my usual duet with my husband.


The word 'singing' written on a musical stave with the 'S' forming part of a treble clef


It is lovely to see that Sophie and Thomas have inherited that love of singing (as did Jessica). Sophie spontaneously broke out into song on our way home from the park the other day, making up a song and dance all about spring (and the fact it was raining that day).


Thomas likes to sing to himself and I can recognise some of the nursery rhymes and songs that we sing regularly. I also love the fact that he will join in with singing ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from The Sound of Music – he’ll sing “do” and I’ll continue with “a deer, a female deer” then he sings “re” and waits for me to sing “a drop of golden sun” and so on all the way through the song. I’m quite impressed at how he always picks the right sound for each line. Another budding musical theatre performer in the making?


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Playing board games with Sophie.


  • Seeing the Moon and Venus through telescopes at the night sky public observing session.


Sophie looking through a telescope


  • Having a spa day with my lovely hubby.


Me and hubby in bathrobes at a spa day


  • Sophie getting creative and making a unicorn with paper, tape and coloured ribbon.


Sophie holding the paper unicorn she made


  • Sophie deciding on a nice simple costume for World Book Day. She dressed up as Princess Luna from ‘The Princess and the Sleep Stealer’.


(left) Sophie dressed as Princess Luna from 'The Princess and the Sleep Stealer'; (right) a page from the book with a drawing of Princess Luna


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/03/2020 – Singing along

  1. How wonderful that you all enjoy singing. I can’t sing, but I do remember when I was doing my music diploma we were encouraged to join a choir, and even though I sang at the back and not very loud, I did get so much joy from it. My husband sings all the time but although he’s an excellent guitar player, I’d much rather he didn’t sing. It gives him pleasure though so I wouldn’t deny him that. I love Sophie’s unicorn and WBD outfit. x

    1. Being part of a choir is fun. It’s lovely that your husband enjoys singing even if perhaps he might not be the most tuneful!

  2. That “duet” you sing with Thomas is adorable. What a cutie! And a spa date…woo hoo! Sounds wonderful!

    1. It’s so lovely to be able to sing with him – I love how he’s starting to pick up songs and sing along 🙂

  3. It does sound like you are really enjoying your singing. Good luck with the concert. It is lovely when children sing and ist sounds like your two love it too.
    What a treat to have a spa day. I hope you came away relaxed.
    Sophie had a brilliant costume for World Book Day! x

    1. Thank you Kim, it is lovely that the children enjoy singing too. The spa day was amazing – we both felt much better for it!

  4. Oh, how I miss the days of little ones singing at home… Now I have to wait for my kids to have some little people of their own. LOL. A spa day sounds lovely! I hope you had a wonderful time.

  5. I love how all your family sing and sing together. Fancy Thomas cottoning on to the song so easily. Glad you enjoyed your spa day and Sophie’s unicorn is very cute and imaginative. I really miss dressing the children up for World Book Day. Makes reading more exciting. Sophie looks fab. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

    1. Thank you. It is so lovely to listen to Thomas joining in with the singing and to be able to sing together as a family.

  6. The show sounds like it will be a lot of run. Doe a deer sounds very cute the way you are panning on doing it.
    My children also got their skill of singing from me – every one of us is tone deaf. #WotW

    1. It is lovely to be rehearsing for a show again and to sing together 🙂

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