Friday Focus 06/01/2023 – Reorganising

We’ve been reorganising things at home this week. It’s been partly about making room for the Christmas presents but also planning ahead with various changes that will need to happen with the house over this coming year. The Christmas decorations have been taken down and put away, although I can’t quite say the same for the new toys yet! We’re still in a bit of post-Christmas chaos at the moment, but Sophie has cleared out some toys and puzzles which went to the charity shop which has freed up some storage space.


The word 'reorganising' in swirly pink, purple, blue and yellow bubble writing


My husband finally got around to putting up a shelf above my computer desk which has made a big difference for my workspace. It’s so nice to finally have some space to be able to organise all the paperwork and files that were just piled up in a corner of the desk. I’m sure I’ve been more productive as a result!


I definitely need to have a big focus on clearing out clutter this year. Sophie and Thomas are currently sharing a room and it’s worked out well on the whole, but we really need to move Thomas into his own room this year. It will mean having to sort out things in our spare room (which used to be Jessica’s bedroom when she was a toddler) and having to make space in our room for the things that we’ve been storing in the spare room. One of the things that will have to happen to make space is that we will have to dismantle Jessica’s bed in our room and put a storage unit in that space. I’m dreading that part of it. I know it needs to happen but it’s going to be hard.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Me and my brother; a collage of photos from 2022; Sophie with her 100 activities scratch chart; Sophie and Thomas with giant bouncy balls at the nets adventure; my photo collage phone case with photos of my family; Sophie mixing chocolate cake mix in a bowl; my desk with the new shelf above it - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 1"


  • Day 364 – I am grateful for family. Lovely to see my brother earlier today when visiting my mum and spend time with my twinny but very sad to hear the news of my Auntie Peggy’s passing today. Thinking of my uncle and cousins this evening and sending much love to them and also to my mum and her other siblings.


  • Day 365 – I am grateful for another year joining in with #365daysofgratitude. I’ve been joining in with this for seven years now and while there have been many days when gratitude has not come easily, it does help to find one thing to look for each day to be thankful for. Even on the darkest days I have managed to find something. This little daily project is part of my routine now and I’ll be continuing with it in 2023. It’s also a lovely way of capturing little moments from each day, and some of the little ordinary moments and things that I probably wouldn’t have captured otherwise.


  • Day 1 – I am grateful for a list of activities to inspire us for this year. Sophie is looking forward to seeing how many she can scratch off!


  • Day 2 – I am grateful for an afternoon on the Nets Adventure at Go Ape Black Park.


  • Day 3 – I am grateful for my new phone case.


  • Day 4 – I am grateful for time to bake with Sophie.


  • Day 5 – I am grateful for an improved workspace thanks to my husband putting up a shelf and replacing my old monitor.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Stretching out the joy of getting Christmas presents a little longer thanks to a trip home to see family and Sophie and Thomas receiving a lovely box of presents each through Halo Children’s Foundation which were gifted by Hasbro.


Sophie holding up a frame with her name surrounded by butterflies


  • Being back at rehearsals.


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21 thoughts on “Friday Focus 06/01/2023 – Reorganising

  1. It sounds like you have been busy. I need to do some reorganising last week, especially the kitchen cupboards. We put some new shelves up last weekend and it’s amazing how much difference they make. Well done for being more productive.
    Sorting out the spare room and dismantling Jessica’s bed sounds hard. Sending love and hugs.
    What lovely photos. I am carrying on my gratitude posts, it will be my 2nd year. It is good to find at least one positive from even the worst days. x

    1. Thanks Kim. I need to keep moving forward with the reorganising – it’s stalled a bit! Lovely that you’re joining in with the gratitude posts for another year x

  2. Our move forced us into reorganising but we still have lots to do. Our garage at the moment is holding most of our old house. It’s a slow job but we will get there. I’m sure having to sort out Jessica’s bed will be very hard. I will be thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. I love that you find a positive in every day. I should try to switch my mindset sometimes #WotW

    1. It does take a lot of time to sort things out. Good luck with all your sorting out and thank you for the virtual hugs, they’re always appreciated x

  3. reorganising is a word I need in my life too. It sounds like you have been busy with some highs and lows. Sophie’s smile while cooking is gorgeous, I love her name picture too. Your work station is looking good too. I had one planned but it never happened, we decided to go for more seating instead. Thanks for your continued support on #wotw. I wish I could keep up with daily gratitude but so many of things I am most thankful for I just can’t share x

  4. I’ve always loved the concept of #365daysofgratitude. You always find such lovely moments to celebrate. I love the photo of Sophie holding her picture. Your reorganisation seems to be going well. The shelf will be so useful. All that space gives a good feeling, although it’s always hard to let go. Good for Sophie sorting out the old games. Hope your seeing the calm after all the activity now. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. The reorganisation has stalled a bit at the moment as other things have taken over but I need to get back on with it again soon. It is hard to let go of things though sometimes.

  5. Reorganising is something we’ve been doing too, I got a long wanted book shelf. Sometimes though these things can be a bit difficult. Sending you a hug and good luck with the rest of your reorganising.

    1. It’s made such a difference having them there. Makes it so much easier to work on things now.

    1. Thank you, I need to start focusing on decluttering again soon – it’s stalled a bit since my post!

  6. Love the phone case, it looks great. The shelf for storage above your computer sounds like it’s given you a lot more space. I understand how dismantling Jessicas bed will cause you grief/upset, I hope the task goes as smoothly as it can for you both

    1. Thank you – we’re putting that one off as long as we can, but I know it will be tough when we do it.

  7. The nets adventure sounds like fun, not been to black park for ages. Glad the house is getting back to normal, we have been on a clear up mission too

    1. I’m not sure we’re quite back to normal yet as the reorganising has stalled a bit but we’re getting there!

  8. Serious decluttering needed in our house! Presents are still sat downstairs and the kids have paritally moved bedrooms to everything all over the place! #project365

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