Friday Focus 03/05/19 – Enjoying some extra support

I love having my mum come and stay. It’s been amazing having her staying with us for a week. I love the company, being able to have that time with her, watching her with the children and the support that I get as a result. It makes such a huge difference to have her here, especially with hubby working such long hours. It meant I could get on with some of the jobs that I’d been putting off due to lack of time (and motivation) and everything just felt so much easier to manage.


Support - this week's word of the week


My mum is one of those rare people who seem to know when to be there and when to give you space. She is amazing with the children and they absolutely adore her. We didn’t tell Sophie she was coming to stay. The excitement on Sophie’s face when she spotted Nanny at school pick-up time was wonderful to see. She was sad when Nanny had to go home again but we’re seeing her again at the weekend which made it a little easier. Thomas clearly adores his Nanny too – he even gave her a couple of kisses when she went home. Normally I’m the only one who gets those lovely sloppy baby kisses so it was quite an honour for Nanny to get them too!


One other nice thing about my mum coming to stay was being able to grab the chance for a date night. I don’t think we’ve had one in well over a year. We ended up going out for sushi. It was nice just to get out on our own for a couple of hours.



Things that have made me smile over the last couple of weeks

  • Seeing the new lambs at Chiltern Open Air Museum.


Sophie looking at the lambs at Chiltern Open Air Museum


  • Visiting the ghost village of Imber when it was open to the public over the Easter weekend.


Sophie standing in front of an abandoned farmhouse in Imber village


  • Watching Sophie having fun taking part in an Easter egg hunt at GreenAcres.


  • Planting a namesake rose for Thomas and another namesake rose for Jessica in the garden.


  • Finishing off the Easter holidays with a day out at Chessington.


Sophie, me and Thomas with the Gruffalo


  • One of the Girls’ Brigade leaders bringing their adorable new puppy along to the end of the session.


  • Thomas getting his first tooth through at the top.


  • Watching Sophie having fun with her friends at a classmate’s birthday party.


  • An afternoon visiting my Auntie Kathy and catching up with some of my cousins.


My mum with my Auntie Kathy and Thomas


  • Having my mum’s homemade cheese tart for dinner. It was one of my favourite foods when I was a child and I hadn’t had it in ages. Yummy!


  • Thomas signing ‘more’ at dinner time.


  • Going for a walk in Langley Park with my mum and seeing the rhododendrons in bloom. We also had some little wild bunnies hop up to us to say hello.


A little bunny next to my mum's foot


  • Buying matching outfits for Sophie and Thomas. Always loved putting my girls in matching clothes. So lovely to be able to do it again with Sophie and Thomas.


Sophie and Thomas wearing matching orange T-shirts and navy shorts with rainbow stripes

8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 03/05/19 – Enjoying some extra support

  1. You have the best Mum, I’m glad she’s there to help out when needed. I can’t believe how big Thomas is now, he’s so long! I love the matching outfits, I always loved your pics of Sophie and Jessica in their gorgeous dresses, they always looked so beautiful. And how exciting, Thomas getting his first tooth. xx
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. Your mum sounds absolutely wonderful Louise, what a lovely surprise for Sophie too. I’m glad to hear that you and hubby got to go out together, it’s so hard with little ones to find the time isn’t it. Sophie and Thomas look so cute in matching outfits, very colourful and ready for summer. I hope you have a nice bank holiday weekend x

  3. What a treat to have a visit from your mom. I’m sure she had a wonderful time as well. The photo of the baby with his grandmother and auntie was adorable! What a cutie pie!!

  4. Louise I bet it was a godsend having your mum there, I don’t know how you manage it all when hubby is away, I remember when the boys were little and Chris worked a a lot it was so hard. And its great you got to get a date night you both so deserve a bit of a break x

  5. It’s lovely that you have such a supportive mother, mine is the same. That little bunny is tiny! I’d have wanted to keep it lol x

  6. How lovely that your mum came to stay. It sounds like an amazing help!
    That must have been wonderful for Sophie to see her in the school yard. Goodbyes are hard though. Hooray for the date night! What a treat!
    I love that photo with the Gruffalo. Sophie and Thomas are growing up fast. It is so nice that you are able to match the clothes again. I remember the beautiful dresses your girls used to wear! x

  7. Your mother sounds such a welcome visitor. She certainly does have a talent if she’s there when you need her, but still understands space. How lovely that she is so much part of Sophie’s and Thomas’s lives. I do like that photo of your mother and aunt with Thomas. His pose made me smile. The outfits are very cute and I bet they both enjoyed matching. #wotw

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