Friday Focus 02/10/20 – Wedding

Last weekend was my twin sister’s wedding and it was such a beautiful, if bittersweet at times, day. Sophie and I were bridesmaids and Thomas was a page boy. He looked absolutely adorable in his little suit and Sophie looked beautiful in her bridesmaid dress. Jessica wasn’t forgotten – her picture was on a little charm attached to all the bouquets; there was a bouquet for her (which I carried) and her photo was with my dad’s photo on the table next to the wedding cake.


The word 'wedding' in aqua with a cartoon bride and groom on top of the 'ed'


The run-up to the wedding was quite an emotional time for me. Jessica’s absence is always more keenly felt during special occasions, and I often find the lead-up to big days much harder than the actual day itself. Last weekend was no exception to that. It broke my heart that Jessica wasn’t there, being part of the wedding party along with her little sister and brother. She would have been so very excited about it all.


Sophie in her bridesmaid dress and Thomas in his page boy suit sitting on a bench


Having to face these kinds of special occasions without Jessica is hard enough, but this time it also came with an extra helping of anxiety over Covid and whether people would respect the rules over social distancing. My family is very huggy normally, and while it was lovely to see all my brothers and sister at the wedding, it was very strange not being able to hug them and having to be a little more distanced from them.


It was a beautiful wedding though and my twin sister and new brother-in-law were so very happy. I’m so glad that they were able to have their wedding – and just got in before the restrictions changed and the limit on guest numbers dropped from 30 to 15.


My twin sister and new brother-in-law on their wedding day


Sadly, I also attended a funeral this week too – my god-daughter’s dad who recently died of cancer. Before he died, he asked if I would sing ‘Amazing Grace’ at his funeral. It was an honour to sing for him, although it was hard to do so, and I hope that I did him proud.



Things that have made me smile over the last couple of weeks

  • Sophie being able to take part in Girls’ Brigade again via Zoom.


  • Our teeny-tiny sunflower in the garden which is just 21cm tall.


A teeny sunflower measuring 21cm tall


  • Spending time out in the garden and making the most of the last of the warm weather.


Thomas sitting in the tuff tray in the sunshine playing with his toys


  • Early morning snuggles with Thomas.


  • Finally getting to enjoy a tomato from our tomato plant – it only grew three tomatoes and Thomas picked two of them while they were still green.


  • Sophie having a couple of visits from the tooth fairy after losing two more teeth within a few days of each other.


A letter from the tooth fairy with a coin


  • Going for walks with Thomas.


Thomas holding a dandelion clock


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas playing hide ‘n’ seek among the trees on an after-school trip to Langley Park.


Thomas and Sophie playing hide 'n' seek amongst some trees


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/10/20 – Wedding

  1. What a lovely way for your sister to make sure Jessica was included in her big day. It must have been so difficult for you all without her. Sophie and Thomas look lovely in their posh clothes. Congratulations to your sister and her husband.

    1. Thank you Nat, it meant a lot that Jessica was included. Sophie and Thomas did look adorable and they both had such a lovely time x

  2. Congratulations to your sister and her new husband, the photos are beautiful. I’m glad you managed to include Jessica in some way. I’m so sorry you lost a friend, I’m sure your singing was beautiful, but it must have been so hard. Big hugs for both happy and sad times (Socially distanced of course) x

    1. Thank you Anne. The wedding was lovely and it meant a lot to have Jessica included. Definitely a mix of emotions this week with both the wedding and the funeral and socially distanced virtual hugs are always appreciated! x

  3. What a beautiful couple they make. Thomas and Sophie in their special outfits look completely scrumptious. I love how Jessica was included and I can appreciate how difficult it must have been for you, in the run up. I bet she would have loved it. I bet you were all relieved to have the wedding before the numbers had to be reduced. Some couples must be having a nightmare re-arranging it. We have one teeny sunflower which self seeded in a hanging basket. Makes me smile every time I go past it. #wotw

    1. Thank you, it was a special day but very emotional too. Was such a relief that it was the weekend before restrictions changed again with wedding numbers. It must be so hard for couples having to rearrange things.

  4. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful day at the wedding. It must have been so hard not to have Jessica there. It sounds like she would have loved it.
    Gorgeous photos.
    I am so sorry about your god daughters day. I am sure you did him proud x

    1. Thank you Kim. The wedding was a lovely day and it meant a lot that Jessica was included as part of it x

  5. Sending big love. I always feel the loss of my parents more in the build up to an event, rather than the day itself too. I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you. It’s lovely your twin made Jessica a part of their day, though <3 #wotw

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