Friday Focus 01/05/2020 – Staying connected

Although we are still very much missing being able to see family and friends, it is so good to be able to stay connected thanks to technology. I’ve been having conversations with my mum almost every day through FaceTime and Sunday nights have become group family chat nights with my siblings, nieces and nephews joining in. Sophie and Thomas have both been able to enjoy their usual classes with Sophie doing her ballet class and dance and drama class via Zoom and Thomas’s Tiny Talk and French classes both being streamed on Facebook each week. I love that Sophie is able to join in with Tiny Talk and French too (although it doesn’t work quite so well when Thomas tries to join in with Sophie’s classes!)


The word connected with the 'c' as a telephone handset connected to an old-fashioned dial telephone and a picture of an iPad with a Zoom meeting above the two 'n's


We’ve also been able to join in with Zoom meetings with other families from Halo Children’s Foundation and Sophie got to join in a dance class with them last weekend too. We’re busy at weekends preparing for and streaming our weekly church services and we’re now having weekly prayer meetings via Zoom too. We’ve also been joining in with various groups of friends doing online quizzes, which is great fun. How strange and amazing it is to have so many events and activities going on without having to leave our home!


It’s not as good as being able to have that physical contact with other people, of course. I miss being able to see my friends and give them a hug. But we are able to stay connected with our friends and family remotely at least and I am so very thankful for that.


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Thomas doing headstands on the sofa while watching CBeebies.


  • Having a socially-distanced chat when dropping off a couple of things to a friend.



Sophie holding Thomas's hand while out for a walk


  • Sophie, Thomas and Daddy re-enacting the Three Billy Goats Gruff while out on our fundraising walk.


Sophie and Thomas holding hands and standing on a bridge with Daddy standing on the ground looking up at them



Sophie with a pan full of dandelion flowerheads


  • Being given a box of chocolates that hubby had stored in the garage for either Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and had forgotten about!


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas drawing together outside.


Sophie drawing a chalk picture of Jessica as an angel on her easel while Thomas watches


  • The way Thomas says “a-wook!” (“look!”) when he wants you to look at something. It’s my favourite one of his toddler mispronunciations so far.


  • Listening to the giggles when Sophie and Thomas play together.


  • Watching Thomas napping on the sofa in the afternoons.


Thomas asleep on the sofa


  • Making cardboard butterfly wings with Sophie.


Sophie painting cardboard butterfly wings


  • Finding the CD with Jessica’s Tapestry entries from her Reception year at school and looking through all the photos of her with her school friends.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 01/05/2020 – Staying connected

  1. Gorgeous photos as usual. Thomas has the most amazing eyelashes, he’s such a cutie. I love Sophie’s butterfly, how creative. I’m a big fan of butterflies. I can’t wait for the dandelions to return to my grass so I can try some honey and biscuits. I never thought I’d ever wish to see weeds on my grass before 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. This made me laugh Louise, I honestly don’t think my social calendar has been this busy in years! I actually had to turn down plans last week because I already had something booked in, so bizarre. I’m very grateful to say that my biggest struggle during this time is missing my loved ones and of course we’re all happy to keep dealing with that until the world is a little bit safer for us all.

    I’m so pleased to see you’re all safe and well and enjoying lots of fun things during lockdown x

  3. Isn’t technology wonderful! I’ve never used so many apps in my life LOL! Love your photos, and finding *missing* chocolate is always a bonus!

  4. As always, your children are just adorable! Aren’t they so angelic-looking when they sleep? So impressive that both of them are taking French lessons. That is amazing. we don’t have anything like that here in the US for children so small. We should!

    I have never heard of dandelion honey but I am going to check out your link right now!

  5. It sounds like you are doing a great job of staying connected with everyone. Before this all started I hadn’t heard of Zoom and now my girls are using it most days to connect with school and college friends.
    Gorgeous photos! x

  6. Technology sure has made having to stay home a lot easier. In addition to “visiting” with friends and family online, technology has made it possible for many people to continue working from home. …… I had to take a peek at your dandelion honey recipe. Oh my goodness, it sounds amazing!! Only one problem for me, I’m allergic to lemons. Is there something else that could be substituted?

  7. Youngest is having piano lessons through Zoom which he loves. Seems to work well. Smiling at the idea of Thomas joining in with his sister’s ballet class and also his take on the word “look”. Perfect. I should give the dandelion honey a try. Our lawn is covered in dandelions. Sophie’s wings look wonderful and I bet she had fun painting them. Well done on your fund raising walk. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

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