Exploring the Nets Kingdom at Go Ape Black Park

Sophie occasionally goes to arts and crafts sessions run by Halo Children Foundation, a local charity which supports bereaved children. One of the aims of Halo is to help provide children with happy memories. As well as the monthly sessions, they also run a weekly gardening club in the spring and summer and arrange various days out and activities for the children. Over the Easter holidays, we enjoyed a morning with other Halo families at Go Ape Black Park exploring the Nets Kingdom.


Sophie climbing down the net climbing tower - "Exploring the Nets Kingdom at Go Ape Black Park"


The Nets Kingdom is an adventure playground high up in the trees, with treehouses linked by netted walkways. There are net areas with huge inflatable balls, and a slide to get you back down to the ground. It sounded like a lot of fun and something that I thought Sophie would enjoy.


Sophie inside a treehouse at the Nets Kingdom


The Nets Kingdom can be enjoyed by children as young as a year old, as long as they can walk unaided. Children who are under 6 have to be accompanied by a participating adult (one adult can accompany up to two children under 6) whereas children aged 6-15 have to be supervised by one adult per five children, but the adult can supervise from ground level.


I was glad that hubby was able to take the day off work so that I could go climbing up in the nets with Sophie while he stayed below watching with Thomas. It was nice for me to have a bit of focused time with Sophie too.


Looking up from the ground at me and Sophie up in the nets


We were given different coloured wristbands on arrival – depending on age group and whether we were participating or spectating. Even Thomas’s buggy had to have a coloured band on it! There was a safety briefing before we were let loose on the nets and the time of this was written on our wristbands. The wristbands allowed us to leave the Nets Kingdom area for lunch or toilet breaks. At busy times, the sessions are limited to two hours, although you can stay longer when it is quiet.


Sophie walking along one of the net walkways at Nets Kingdom


I have to admit that climbing up and across the nets was much harder work than I anticipated and made me realise how unfit I am! I could have done with some of Sophie’s energy! She loved being high up on the nets, looking down on Daddy and Thomas far below us.


Looking down from the nets at Daddy and Thomas nine metres below us


The inflatable balls area was great fun. Some of them were bigger than Sophie! She loved running around and pushing the giant balls around the nets.


Sophie pushing one of the giant inflatable balls across the nets


Trying to contort myself through the holes in the nets to climb across to the slide was an interesting experience! Sophie was a little nervous dropping through the holes to climb down on our first go but soon gained confidence. What I didn’t realise was that the entrance for the tunnel leading to the slide was directly below the landing point for one of the holes to climb down until someone dropped down landing on my head. Ouch! Thankfully the net cushioned most of their force and it was more of a shock than anything else. I was a bit more aware of who was climbing down behind us after that!


Sophie preparing to go down the slide at the Nets Kingdom


Sophie loved going down the slide to get to the bottom. I have to confess I was a bit more nervous than she was about it! Sometimes it’s good to be taken out of your comfort zone though. I can’t say I really enjoyed going down the slide, but I did get more confident about it each time we went around.


A view from the ground of Sophie going down the slide


There were picnic tables down on the ground and a kiosk selling snacks and hot drinks. We’d brought a picnic lunch with us. It was good to be able to stop every so often and have a breather – I needed it, even if Sophie didn’t!


It was lovely to watch Sophie having fun exploring up in trees at the Nets Kingdom and to spend time with other Halo families. I loved being able to have a bit of Mummy-Sophie time too.


Sophie at one of the entrances to the netted areas



Visiting Go Ape Black Park – what you need to know:


Black Park Country Park
Black Park Road


There is a large pay and display car park. Go Ape Black Park has a Treetop Challenge course, Treetop Adventure, Forest Segway and Nets Kingdom. For more information about prices and to book online, visit the Go Ape website.


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5 thoughts on “Exploring the Nets Kingdom at Go Ape Black Park

  1. What a wonderful charity.
    That looks like such a fun day out. It looks like somehwere my youngest would love to play. I don’t think I would be brave enough though.
    It sounds like you had a brilliant time x #CountryKids

  2. What a great idea this is, a real first try at Go Ape and a great way to get used to a head for heights. I think those nets are a lovely safe way to be up high with just enough wobble to make it fun! #CountryKids

  3. One-to-one time is so important, isn’t it? With 4 children, it’s something I still find hard to organise. I know my gang would LOVE to tear through that ropes course. I remember the first time I went on a tree park adventure with them, and how so much more comfortable they were than me. But it felt great to step, or jump, out of my comfort zone, and the feeling of achievement afterwards is unbeatable. What a great idea to have a charity for bereaved children too.

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