Exploring Higginson Park

I love joining in with Country Kids each week if I can and one of the things it has inspired me to do is to look for different outdoor spaces to explore. So when a university friend asked me if I wanted to catch up with her in Marlow, I did a quick search for somewhere we could go for a walk afterwards.

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Higginson Park is a Green Flag Award-winning park next to the River Thames in Marlow and with 23 acres of space and a large children’s playground, sounded like the perfect place for a sunny afternoon’s walk.

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

The morning’s fun at soft play with my friend’s little girl had tired Sophie out and true to her usual form, she started off the walk fast asleep in her buggy whilst Jessica enjoyed being able to run about and explore, after stopping for a moment to pose for a photo next to the statue of Sir Steve Redgrave.

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

There were lots of daisies in the grass and Jessica enjoyed picking some of the ‘Upsy Daisy flowers’ as she calls them. There were also lots of crocuses and Jessica was a bit unimpressed that Mummy wouldn’t let her pick them too!

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

The view across the river towards Marlow was beautiful and Jessica enjoyed seeing the swans swimming along the river. She was disappointed though that Mummy hadn’t thought to bring anything to feed to them.

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie woke up at this point and wanted to get out of the buggy and explore too. It was such a beautiful moment to see them both wandering around, hand in hand and sadly my phone and camera both chose this moment to go completely flat so I couldn’t get any photos of them walking along together.

Exploring Higginson Park - Little Hearts, Big Love

The children’s playground was a big hit with both the girls – there was so much there for them to explore and Jessica didn’t really know quite where to begin with it all! We stopped off for a cuppa and a cake in the coffee shop next to the playground before we headed home with two tired and happy girls.

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29 thoughts on “Exploring Higginson Park

  1. Sounds like a nice spring walk and sometimes I like it when my phone goes dead so I can truly soak up the moment without worrying about getting it on camera #countrykids

    1. That’s true – it was nice to enjoy the moment but was a shame not to be able to capture how adorable they looked walking hand in hand.

  2. Looking at our little ones walking hand in hand has to be the sweetest thing, hasn’t it? Sophie has come such a long way. It seems like yesterday you took her on her 1st outdoor walk to playgroup! I used to go to Marlow when I first moved to the UK. Souvenirs, souvenirs!

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful day, perfect for a walk. It’s always nice walking down by the river, although I’m always on tenterhooks when N is walking near it!

    1. Yes, it is a little nerve-wracking isn’t it – I had hold of their hands very tightly when we were near the water.

  4. Looks like a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful day together. I hope you had a good catch up with your friend too and enjoyed the outing as much as the girls. Sunny days like this are a joy to be outdoors. Thank you for sharing a great place to visit with me on Country Kids.

  5. What a gorgeous day! It looks so beautiful there. Bit of trivia, I met Steve Redgrave back in the 80’s at my cousins wedding (her husband rowed for England), he turned up in a very swish sports car if I remember correctly 🙂 #CountryKids

  6. Love Marlow, although I haven’t been for a while – I only ever seem to visit in summer, so it’s always sunny in my head! Will have to remember the playground for the next visit. #countrykids

    1. I’ve only ever been into the town a couple of times so it was lovely to discover the park.

  7. What gorgeous little girls you have, they look like they had a brilliant time.I’m awful for not bringing out my back up charger when we go out for the day.

    1. Thank you Aly, they had a lovely time. I did have a charger with me but it turned out to be broken which wasn’t very helpful!

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