Crafting with kids: a simple space-themed mobile

This month’s #BostikBlogger craft theme is “space”. We were inspired to make this simple space-themed mobile using polystyrene balls and stars, string and a paper plate.


A mobile made from a paper plate hung with polystyrene stars and "planets" - "Crafting with kids - a simple space-themed mobile"

You will need:

  • Polystyrene stars and balls (8 in total)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scrap paper or newspaper
  • PVA glue (we used Bostik White Glu)
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Blu tack
  • Craft knife
  • Craft foam
  • Paperclips
  • Paper plate
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch or sharp pencil
  • String
  • 4 pipe cleaners


1) Mix the paint with a little PVA glue and paint the polystyrene stars and balls. Sophie found it easiest to roll the balls in the paint rather than use the paintbrush to paint them.


Sophie painting the polystyrene stars yellow


2) Place a piece of scrap paper or newspaper on the table. Stick a piece of blu tack to the paper . Place a cocktail stick upright in the blu tack and place a painted star or ball on the cocktail stick. Repeat for the other stars and balls. Leave to dry. Remove the cocktail sticks.


The painted polystyrene balls and stars drying on cocktail sticks


3) To make a ringed planet, use a craft knife to slice a painted polystyrene ball in half. Cut a circle from craft foam and glue in place between the two halves of the polystyrene ball.


A polystyrene ball sliced in half with a craft foam circle


4) Unbend one end of a paper clip and push into the top of a star or ball to leave the loop of the paperclip exposed.


A polystyrene star with a paperclip next to it with one end unbent


A polystyrene star with a paperclip attached


5) Cut out the middle of a paper plate. Use a single hole punch or sharp pencil to make four holes on the inside of the paper plate rim and eight holes on the outside.


A paper plate with twelve holes punched in it


6) Thread string through the paperclip loop on each polystyrene star or ball and tie the other end through one of the outer holes on the paper plate.


A paper plate rim with polystyrene stars and balls attached with string


7) Twist one end of a pipe cleaner around each of the inner holes and connect the four pipe cleaners together in the middle of the paper plate, leaving one long piece sticking up. You can use this long piece to hang up your space mobile.


The space-themed mobile with the pipe cleaners in the middle


A space-themed mobile with polystyrene stars and "planets"


We were sent a box of craft materials from Bostik as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger


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