Blackberry picking

One of the things on our autumn activities list was to go blackberry picking. As it was a little late in the season for blackberries, we went to a local farm where we could pick raspberries instead – although as it turned out, they had plenty of blackberries still left on their bushes so it was back to the original plan!

Blackberry picking - Little Hearts, Big LoveJessica quickly got the message that she should only pick the berries that were black and not the unripe red or green ones. Naturally one or two got eaten before any made it into the basket! There were lots of berries at just the right height for her and with Grandma focusing on the blackberries found higher up and Jessica focusing on the ones lower down, we soon managed to fill our basket.

Blackberry picking - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie enjoyed being carried in the sling and having snuggles with Mummy whilst Grandma and Jessica were picking blackberries.

Blackberry picking - Little Hearts, Big Love

Once we’d finished our blackberry picking, we went to see the chickens which Jessica enjoyed. They all came running over to say hello – I suspect they thought we were bringing food so it must have been quite disappointing for them when we didn’t have any!

Blackberry picking - Little Hearts, Big Love

Back home, the berries were washed and mixed with some apple to make some yummy apple and blackberry crumble which we all enjoyed very much.

Blackberry picking - Little Hearts, Big Love

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10 thoughts on “Blackberry picking

  1. snap on the activities this week, so much fun and your crumble looks scrummy! Aren’t the blackberries just wonderful this year. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

  2. Your crumble looks yummy. I always intend to make something more exciting than blackberry and apple crumble with my berries – thing is it just tastes too good!

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