A magical Christmas Grotto experience at Wyevale World’s End

A visit to Father Christmas is always a magical part of the run-up to Christmas. We were recently invited to the Little Diggers Christmas Grotto event at the Wyevale World’s End garden centre. Sophie was so excited at the prospect of going to see Father Christmas.


(top) A polar bear sliding down a slide; (bottom) Sophie with Father Christmas - "A magical Christmas Grotto experience at Wyevale World's End"


The path to Santa’s Grotto took us through a magical Winter Wonderland. We were met at the entrance by Tiny the Elf who escorted us though a variety of enchanting winter scenes. We made our way through snowy woods, with little houses nestled amongst the trees, and friendly-looking animals here, there and everywhere. Sophie loved seeing all the different animals, especially the beautiful white unicorn.


Sophie standing outside one of the houses in the Winter Wonderland


Sophie next to the white unicorn


I loved all the little details along the way. Each of the little houses had its own mailbox showing the name and address of its occupants. The snowmen flying over our heads in one area instantly brought back memories of childhood Christmas Eves spent watching a Christmas classic.


A green mailbox with "Flat 1 - Mr Nutkin; Ground Floor - Flopsy & Topsy; Fungus House, Sheepswick Cl."


Fluffy penguins at the South Pole


There were so many things to look at in each area. We travelled through an underwater world with fluorescent fish and passed a group of penguins having a tea party. At the North Pole, we spotted penguins and polar bears having a wonderful time going down a slide. It was a magical journey and Sophie’s eyes were like saucers as she made her way from scene to scene.


An underwater world with fluorescent fish


Penguins having a tea party


The elves were waiting as we neared Santa’s Grotto. They had a bowl of magic beans on the table, along with plant pots and silver shredded paper. Sophie planted a magic bean, covered it with the silver paper and added a stick with her name on it. It was then time to see the big man himself.


Sophie picking her magic bean


Sophie with her magic bean in the plant pot


Tiny led us to a snow-covered log cabin with snowy fir trees and a mailbox outside. We knocked and waited to see if Father Christmas was at home.


Sophie and Tiny the Elf knocking at the door of Santa's cabin


I think Sophie was a little shy at first at seeing Father Christmas, but he was so jolly and friendly that he soon put her at ease. Next to his chair was a little magic cupboard. Tiny opened the cupboard and Sophie put her plant pot with the magic bean inside. She told Father Christmas that she wanted a Skye toy for Christmas. We then posed for a photo before Sophie chose a wrapped present from one of the big sacks.


Sophie with Father Christmas


Tiny was happy to take a photo with my camera as well as the official photo. We made sure we included Jessica in the family photo – she would have loved the Christmas Grotto so much. The photos are available to purchase afterwards. We chose a mounted print for £7. You can also choose photo gifts such as snow globes or key rings and there are photo packages available which include prints and photo gifts.


Hubby, Sophie (holding a photo of Jessica), me and Thomas with Father Christmas


Before we said goodbye to Father Christmas, Sophie opened the magic cupboard. She was amazed to see that her magic bean had grown into a miniature Christmas tree which she had fun decorating with sparkly pipe cleaners, ribbons and baubles.


Sophie decorating her miniature Christmas tree


We said goodbye to Tiny and left the Christmas Grotto but the fun wasn’t over. There were still the mini fairground rides outside the grotto to go on. Sophie loved the tea cup ride, the children’s carousel and the little Ferris wheel.


Sophie on the teacup ride


Sophie on the little Ferris wheel


Our Christmas Grotto experience was a truly magical one and the perfect way to start the festive season. Sophie loved all the difference scenes in the Winter Wonderland and the visit to Father Christmas. She was very pleased with her present too – a little Jewel Pet with a Jewel House.


If you’re looking for a magical visit to see Father Christmas, the Little Diggers Christmas Grotto is certainly one I’d recommend.


Visiting the Little Diggers Christmas Grotto at Wyevale World’s End Garden Centre – what you need to know:


World’s End
Aylesbury Road
HP22 6BD


Entry to Santa’s Grotto and the Winter Wonderland costs £12 per child and £3 per accompanying adult. Tickets for the Winter Wonderland only are also available for £3 per person.


For more details, please visit the World’s End garden centre website here.


We received a complimentary family ticket to the Little Diggers Christmas Grotto event. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Prices quoted are correct at the time of posting.


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    1. Thank you – Sophie loved that too. It was such a lovely thing to include as part of the experience.

  1. I love the idea of the magic beans grow into a Christmas tree while they visit Santa. We don’t have anything like this around here. Sounds like a had a lovely day, Sophie looks so happy in the photo’s xxx

    1. She had such a lovely time. I loved the magic beans growing into a Christmas tree – it was such a lovely addition to the experience x

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