#365daysofgratitude – Week 38

For the last two years, I have taken part in a daily gratitude challenge – sharing one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. It’s taught me to look for the little things and has made me a more positive person. It has not always been easy to find something to be grateful for each day though, especially since losing my beautiful daughter Jessica in April. Jessica’s zest for life, her strength and the joy that she gave to all who knew her have always inspired me. I continue with this challenge every day in honour of her.


Day 259 – I am grateful for a sunny afternoon at Chiltern Open Air Museum for their WW1 event. Our first visit there since Jessica died. It’s always emotional to visit somewhere so full of happy memories of fun days out and the first time is the hardest. Love how Sophie had a few moments where she’d see or do something and tell me “Jessica would love this.” She’s always there in our hearts.

Day 260 – I am grateful for a lovely walk around Ruislip Lido while catching up with a friend.

Day 261 – I am grateful that this gorgeous boy is gaining weight well. He’s following the 1st centile at the moment and has just reached Sophie’s birth weight (8lb 10oz) at 7.5 weeks old. I thought I’d check Jessica’s red book to see when she reached that weight too – she was a little later at 12.5 weeks but had much more of a battle to get there!)


Sophie at Chiltern Open Air Museum; the beach at Ruislip Lido; Thomas looking thoughtful on his playmat; Thomas smiling; Sophie in her school uniform; Sophie at ballet; Sophie doing yoga - "#365daysofgratitude 2018 - Week 38"


Day 262 – I am grateful for beautiful baby smiles.

Day 263 – I am grateful for a lovely play date after school with Jessica’s best friends. Sophie had so much fun playing with them.

Day 264 – I am grateful that Sophie was much happier going to ballet this week after a little wobble last week due to now being in Jessica’s ballet class and missing her big sister. I think the novelty of bringing the class toy along may have also helped!

Day 265 – I am grateful for managing to get of the house to go to the monthly Halo session with Sophie and Thomas. We were supposed to be meeting up with Team Godparent in Bristol but Thomas decided that Mummy really didn’t need to sleep last night and I don’t think I would have been safe to drive there and back. Sophie was a bit unsure about the kids’ yoga session but gave it a try at least.

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