#365daysofgratitude – Week 37

For the last two years, I have taken part in a daily gratitude challenge – sharing one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. It’s taught me to look for the little things and has made me a more positive person. It has not always been easy to find something to be grateful for each day though, especially since losing my beautiful daughter Jessica in April. Jessica’s zest for life, her strength and the joy that she gave to all who knew her have always inspired me. I continue with this challenge every day in honour of her.



Day 252 – I am grateful that Sophie had so much fun scooting around the indoor skate park at a birthday party this morning and for a lovely catch-up with friends

Day 253 – I am grateful for a lovely visit from my sister, brother-in-law and niece.

Day 254 – I am grateful that all was well with Thomas’s six week check. Was an emotional GP visit though – last time I was there was with Jessica and then one of her favourite songs came on the radio while I was waiting in the waiting room.


Sophie scooting at an indoor skate park; my niece with Thomas; Thomas having a cuddle at Hub Cafe; a sticker book, dribble bibs and a glass heart; Thomas in his bath robe; Thomas asleep at Tiny Talk; Sophie showing her Skye toy to Sid the guide dog - "#365daysofgratitude - Week 37"


Day 255 – I am grateful for a lovely surprise parcel in the post with a little gift each for Sophie and Thomas and one for us to remember Jessica.

Day 256 – I am grateful for the wonderful smell of a freshly-bathed baby.

Day 257 – I am grateful to be back at baby signing classes again – Thomas slept through it all today though!

Day 258 – I am grateful for coffee mornings at church and enjoying a chat over coffee and cake. Sophie had fun helping Sid the guide dog find cake crumbs on the floor and introducing him to PAW Patrol pup Skye.

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