#365daysofgratitude – Week 2

#365daysofgratitude is my challenge for 2017 to share one photo a day on Instagram of something I am grateful for. I took part in a similar challenge last year and loved it so am looking forward to continuing with it this year. Here are the things that I’ve been grateful for over the past week:


Day 8 – I am grateful for the ability to sew. Jessica now has two new pairs of school trousers which fit much better than her other ones!

Day 9 – I am grateful that Sophie enjoyed her first morning at preschool.

Day 10 – I am grateful for a little helper when popping to the shop.


The ability to sew school trousers, Sophie enjoy her first morning at preschool, a little helper at the shop, a post-preschool trip to the park, my first dance class in 6 years, tea and breakfast with a friend and two little princesses playing together - the things I'm thankful for this week


Day 11 – I am grateful for a post-preschool trip to the park.

Day 12 – I am grateful for hubby coming home early so I could get to my first dance class in six years!

Day 13 – I am grateful for a lovely morning catching up with a friend over tea and cooked breakfast whilst the children had fun in the soft play area.

Day 14 – I am grateful for watching these two princesses of mine playing happily together.

2 thoughts on “#365daysofgratitude – Week 2

    1. Trousers are quite easy to make if you’re ever tempted to learn! I was lucky – my mum was a dressmaker so I had a good teacher!

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