#30dayswild 2019 – Week 1

#30DaysWild is a challenge from the Wildlife Trust to connect more with nature every day in June, joining in with “random acts of wildness”. This is our third year taking part and I love how it encourages me to get outside with the children more and to take a closer look at the world around us. Every year, I find myself learning something new and this year is no exception. Some of our wild activities are focused; others are just about getting outdoors and going with the flow. Here are the things that we enjoyed during our first week of taking part in #30DaysWild this year:


Sophie's nature journal; a pine-cone bird feeder; Sophie planting seeds and a snail on a bamboo cane - "#30DaysWild 2019 - Week 1"



Day 1 – Sophie made a nature journal to help her record some of the things we do this month. We took some of the roses from the garden (including one of the pale pink Pretty Jessica roses) to Jessica at her forever bed and sat there for a while listening to the birds sing and thinking about Jessica. This afternoon we’ve had fun outside in the paddling pool, picked wild strawberries in the garden and Sophie stuck some of the leaves she collected at Jessica’s forever bed in her nature journal.


Sophie's nature journal; Sophie at Jessica's forever bed; leaves and petals stuck in Sophie's nature journal; a handful of wild strawberries


Day 2 – Sophie has been busy making flowers from pebbles and petals for her friends.


Sophie making flowers out of pebbles and leaves; a selection of the flowers that Sophie made


Day 3 – We went on a guided nature walk around Denham Country Park. Sophie spotted ladybirds, damselflies, caterpillars and butterflies; trout swimming in the river and ducks with their ducklings. We saw a nuthatch in the trees; heard a woodpecker (although he stayed out of sight) and played Poohsticks on a bridge. Such a lovely day to be outdoors exploring.


Sophie looking at poppies while holding her I-Spy nature book


Day 4 – Making pine cone bird feeders after school.


Sophie rolling peanut-butter covered pine cones in bird seed; Sophie with a baking tray containing two pine-cone bird feeders; the pine-cone bird feeder hanging in a tree


Day 5 – Watching the bees buzzing around the flowers at Hughenden Manor; looking for birds out in the garden; picking wild strawberries and learning about different mini beasts with the help of a sticker book.


Bees on the flowers at Hughenden Manor; Sophie looking through her binoculars; Sophie with a pot of wild strawberries; Sophie putting stickers in her nature sticker book


Day 6 – Planting lettuce and radish seeds in pots, watering the roses and making an egg head with cress seeds inside.


Sophie planting seeds; Sophie watering the seeds; Sophie watering the roses; Sophie with her egg with cress seeds inside


Day 7 – Even on our hectic Friday afternoons there’s still time after school to stop and smell the roses before heading out for ballet and Girls’ Brigade. We also spotted a pretty damselfly in amongst the raspberry bushes and a snail on a bamboo cane.


Sophie smelling the roses in the garden; a pretty Jessica rose; a damselfly; a snail on a bamboo cane


Day 8 – Embracing the weather and enjoying food and fun outside whilst celebrating a friend’s big birthday.


Sophie under an umbrella; Sophie and Daddy sitting outside; me breastfeeding Thomas under an umbrella; Sophie doing some apple bobbing


Day 9 – Sophie used petals and leaves to write her name.


Sophie's name spelled out in petals and leaves on a tuff tray



It’s been lovely to get outside each day, even if just for a short amount of time and take a closer look at nature. Have you been joining in in with #30DaysWild? What kind of activities have you enjoyed so far?


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4 thoughts on “#30dayswild 2019 – Week 1

  1. Oh these are lovely ideas! I haven’t managed to do it this year but I do take inspiration from your posts and make sure we get outside a bit more and do some of these lovely things. My two would love to write their names in petals so we’ll definitely do that soon.

  2. Fabulous ideas! I’m impressed you’re so busy despite everything you’re processing and working through around Jessica. You’re an inspiration. I love 30 Days Wild. It gets me thinking about nature and the wild in a whole different way, even if I don’t make a special effort to do something different every day. I love my insta feed during June! #Countrykids

  3. We’re doing 30 days wild too, there are some great ideas here so thanks for sharing. I love Spohie’s nature journal, that’s not something we’ve done so far but we might make one at the end of the 30 days so that we can continue with our wild play. My Dad was a huge nature lover and since we lost him I always feel he’s with us when we’re identifying birdsong or just out for a walk. Being out in nature always makes me happy regardless of the weather. It’s such a good thing to pass on to our children! #CountryKids

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