#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 2

#30DaysWild is a nature challenge run by the Wildlife Trust. It aims to encourage people to connect with nature through doing wild activities every day throughout June. We joined in with this for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. The girls and I learned so much about nature and enjoyed doing various outdoor activities and nature-inspired crafts. This year, Sophie and I are joining in again.


Last year, I blogged daily about our wild activities. This year I’m sharing the daily updates on Instagram with a weekly update on the blog, plus the occasional individual post about a specific activity. Here are the wild activities we’ve been enjoying this week:


Sophie and Daddy playing Pooh sticks; Sophie looking at the flowers in Grandma's garden; raspberries growing in the garden; Sophie with her flower picture - "#30DaysWild - Week 2"


Day 9 – Sophie and Daddy had fun playing Pooh sticks at Denham Country Park.

Day 10 – Checking out all the different flowers in the pots at Grandma’s house.

Day 11 – Picking fresh raspberries from the garden to have for dessert.

Day 12 – Making a picture with the fallen rose petals from the garden.


Sophie watering the wild flower seedlings; a bumble bee on the pyracantha; Sophie standing next to Jessica's forever bed; Sophie playing with goats at a school farm


Day 13 – The wild flowers that we planted on Day 1 are starting to grow. Sophie loves watering the plants in the garden and seeing them grow. She’s also enjoyed a few more of the raspberries as they continue to ripen.

Day 14 – Looking for minibeasts in the garden. This bumble bee was very busy on the pyracantha.

Day 15 – Sophie and I went to visit Jessica at the woodland burial ground this afternoon. We sat for a while listening to the birds singing in the trees and Sophie played with her little ponies next to Jessica’s forever bed. It was lovely to hear her talking to her sister and telling her what she was doing. We’d spent the morning catching up with friends at soft play. A dragonfly came and settled for a while on the windowsill near us and I couldn’t help but think again of the dragonfly story. It was like a little reminder that Jessica is still with us in some way.

Day 16 – Sophie enjoyed seeing the goats at the school farm again today.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

6 thoughts on “#30DaysWild 2018 – Week 2

  1. A lovely week of beautiful wild activities. It is such a great idea to ensure a little outdoor time each day. My heart melts when I hear of Sophie chatting to Jessica at her forever bed. What a lovely way to keep a connection going. Grandma’s garden looks a total delight and it sounds like Sophie may just be taking after her Grandma with a love of gardens.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. It’s lovely that you are experiencing nature activities again this year. My eldest dug up her wild flower seeds once she’d planted them! She reminded me of the story Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth #CountryKids

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