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My struggle to bond with my second baby

After the rollercoaster ride of my pregnancy with Jessica and her first year undergoing several open heart surgeries, it was a huge relief when I was told that all appeared well on scan with Sophie. I was looking forward to a normal pregnancy, a normal family life, being able to enjoy my newborn baby without the fear that I would never get to take her home.… Read more

The truth about… nappy changes with a mobile baby

I thought those first few nappy changes with a newborn were a bit challenging – those curled up little legs and all those creases and trying to get that sticky meconium off without getting it absolutely everywhere. Once those little ones start becoming mobile though, those nappy changes take on a whole new level of challenging:

The truth about... nappy changes with a mobile baby - Little Hearts, Big Love

  • The first hurdle is having to actually catch them in the first place as they suddenly develop superhuman speed and start crawling away from you.
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Slow Down, Time

Slow down, time, don’t go so fast
I want to make these moments last
My little ones, so sweet, so small
Will all too soon grow big and tall
Baby at the breast, filling her little tummy
With tiny hands keeps patting Mummy
Snuggling close as close can be
Tender moments for baby and me
Toddler playing, what a happy face
For her, the world’s a magical place
So many things to see and do
How exciting life is when you are two!… Read more