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Jessica and Sophie looking at the flowers in the grounds of Charney Manor

Outdoor fun at Charney Manor

Every eighteen months or so, our church organises a weekend away. It’s a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, time to reflect on our faith and to build friendship. For the girls, it was mostly about having time to do crafts and to have fun outdoors and getting to be with our extended church family.… Read more

Wrapping myself in love - the power of a prayer shawl - Little Hearts, Big Love

Wrapping myself in love – the power of a prayer shawl

One of the outreach projects at our church under our last minister was the Prayer Shawl ministry project. Several women within the church were involved in knitting shawls which were given out to those in need of prayer. Shortly after finding out about Jessica’s heart condition during my pregnancy with her, I was given one of these shawls.… Read more

Four years of being a heart family

Four years ago, we walked into a scan room full of excitement at the prospect of getting to see our baby and left with our world turned completely upside-down. Four years since we started our journey as a heart family. Four years ago, we were devastated and scared, not knowing where or how we would find the strength for the steps that lay ahead and clinging to our faith and belief that somehow God would help us endure what had to be endured.… Read more

To us on the day we became heart parents

I see you sitting there in that scan room. Cold with fear and the terrible realisation that something is wrong, very wrong with your baby’s heart. I see you clinging to each other, neither wanting to voice the terrible thought that fills both your minds – that your child will die.… Read more

A hymn of thankfulness

One of my favourite hymns is ‘Great is thy faithfulness’. It is written on the inside of my diary; the words helped me get through those difficult early days following Jessica’s diagnosis, her heart surgeries and the long days on PICU and the ward as she recovered. It continues to give me strength.… Read more

Finding joy in the tough times

Joy, for me, is more than just being happy – it’s a much deeper emotion and I can honestly say that some of my most joyful moments have been during the most difficult times of my life.

Finding joy in the tough times - Little Hearts, Big Love

My pregnancy with Jessica was an incredibly joyous time. This might sound strange given that we found out about her heart condition at 20 weeks and were told that the chances of her survival were extremely low, but despite all the heartache we experienced during that time, there was also joy.… Read more

In pursuit of a miracle - Little Hearts, Big Love

In pursuit of a miracle: how in-utero surgery gave my child a chance to live

“If I was seeing this in a newborn baby, I would be advising against surgery as it is so unlikely to be successful.”


I was 22 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Two weeks’ earlier, at the 20 week scan, my world had fallen apart. Our baby girl had a serious and complex heart defect.… Read more

Share your story

Today’s 40acts challenge encourages us to share our story; share our journey of faith and how God has been working in our lives.

I made the decision to follow Christ when I was twenty-one and in a destructive relationship that was about to end. There was no dramatic moment of epiphany – I had been brought up knowing of God’s love although didn’t attend church.… Read more

Strength for today

I’m doing 40acts for Lent this year and today’s act encouraged us to share our favourite Bible verse with the reasons why. One of my favourite verses is the following:

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)


This particular verse has helped me through some difficult times through the realisation that I don’t have to rely on my own strength to get through difficult situations, that if I trust in God and lean on His strength, somehow he will give me the strength to endure and carry on.… Read more