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The futility of trying to catch up with blogmin - Little Hearts, Big Love

The futility of trying to catch up with blogmin

Hubby’s away and I swear the children have a sixth sense for when I have a huge list of things to do once they’re in bed. To say bedtime has been protracted is an understatement – I have been up and down the stairs too many times and by the time both kids are asleep, it’s way past nine o’clock and I’m exhausted.… Read more

Not just a mummy

“I’m just a mummy”. Four words that can slip all too easily off the tongue. Four slightly apologetic words. Four words that diminish that all-important role of raising your child. Why is it that being a mummy is so often seen as such a negative thing? Being tutted at as you try to manoeuvre a buggy through a narrow aisle in a shop or getting frosty looks when eating out with small children because for some reason they haven’t learned that they should be seen and not heard – there are times when being a mummy can feel very much like you are a second-class citizen.… Read more

Motherhood – the little moments

There are many moments when motherhood can feel overwhelming – the exhaustion of chronic sleep deprivation, the weight of the responsibility of caring for and nurturing a little one and the mundaneness that often comes with the everyday. There are moments when it can feel lonely and moments when it feels like bedtime cannot come soon enough.… Read more

Me and You – April

We’ve been enjoying a lot of time together as a family over the last few weeks as we have been away on holiday. Being able to spend quality time together always makes such a difference and it gives our marriage a little boost, helping us remember the things we love about each and why we work so well as a team.  For this month’s Me and You post, I thought I’d ask hubby to share some of his views about marriage and what he feels works for us as a couple.… Read more

From tardy to timely: 5 tips which improved my timekeeping

I’m someone who hates being late for things and yet since having children, my timekeeping abilities have completely gone to pot. Despite having every intention of leaving home on time, it always seems something happens at the last minute to make me late.   My excuse is always that small children are unpredictable – there’s the inevitable poo explosion requiring a full change of clothes just as you’re about to put their coats on, or something similar that ends up causing a delay.… Read more

Beautiful, fleeting moments

Two big blue eyes peek from a cot
A soft, sweet voice is cooing
Two little arms are lifted up
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Chubby arms around my neck
Small head upon my shoulder
My baby snuggling close to me
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Raspberries blown on a bare tum
Tickles, squeals of laughter
Row, row your boat – again, again!… Read more