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A drawing of me lying awake in bed at 3am with hubby and the girls in the bed next to me - and one of the girls is wide awake

Thoughts at 3AM: Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things about parenthood. Nothing really prepares you for it. The mind-numbing, all-consuming exhaustion that comes with a repeated lack of quality sleep. The way it affects your mood and your sanity. Those moments when it seems almost everyone else is sleeping and you feel alone.… Read more

Dear Sleep…

Dear Sleep

Remember those good old days when we used to spend hours together, dreaming beautiful dreams, night after night? After a busy day, you were always there waiting with your big warm open arms ready to enfold me. I felt so snuggly and safe in your embrace and those hours we spent together were nearly always blissful ones.… Read more

Word of the Week – Challenging

Feeling quite sleep-deprived this week and so my word of the week is:


For me, sleep (or the lack of it!) is one of the most challenging things about motherhood. Sophie, beautiful wonderful baby though she is, is a bit of a pickle when it comes to bedtime. Getting her to sleep has been a battle from when she was a tiny baby.… Read more