Siblings Dec-22 04

A collage showing all the different Christmas card photos from over the year - 2011 - Jessica in hospital wearing a Santa hat; 2012 - Jessica wearing a Santa dress in front of the tree; 2013 - Jessica dressed as Mary with Sophie as baby Jesus in a basket full of hay; 2014 - Jessica in a hat and winter coat with Sophie dressed as a snowman; 2015 - Jessica dressed as Rudolph with Sophie dressed as Santa in a sleigh against a starry sky; 2016 - Sophie and Jessica dressed as the Nutcracker and the Sugar-plum Fairy in front of a Christmas tree; 2017 - Jessica and Sophie dressed as elves making toys in a wooden cabin; 2018 - Jessica as an angel with Sophie as Mary and Thomas as baby Jesus; 2019 - Jessica, Sophie and Thomas dressed as elves; 2020 - Jessica dressed as an angel with Sophie and Thomas dressed as shepherds against a starry sky; 2021 - Jessica and Sophie dressed in winter coat and hats with Thomas as a snowman against a snowy scene; 2022 - Jessica, Sophie and Thomas with ice-skating penguins inside a snow globe

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