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Wishing the moments away

Yesterday, you climbed into my lap for a snuggle
And I thought of the tasks that I needed to juggle
And instead of letting myself make the most of the cuddle
Impatiently waited for it to be through


All those times in the night when you had to be fed
All the hours I spent sitting next to your bed
Thinking of the things I could be doing instead
Worrying about everything I needed to do.… Read more

Yesterday, a baby went to sleep in my arms

Yesterday, a baby went to sleep in my arms,
and for a moment the world stopped.
I gazed at her in wonder, my heart overflowing with love.
A moment cherished, a moment stored in my heart,
A moment that flew past all too quickly.


The world turned, and the changes came
A Moses basket became a cot
The sleeping baby woke up, rolled over
Then suddenly was crawling off
Little coos became vowels and words
And each time I fell in love again
With the new person my little one became
Only for her to grow and change again


Each little milestone celebrated
First tooth, first steps, first birthday
That little baby who once needed me so much
Grew a little more independent every day
Each milestone bringing mixed feelings
Joy and pride in those little achievements
And sadness for so many moments
That had now just become memories


But every so often, there would be a moment
Where I caught a brief and beautiful glimpse
Of the baby she once was in the child she had become.… Read more

Taking my heart baby home for the first time: a milestone moment - Little Hearts, Big Love

Taking my heart baby home for the first time: a milestone moment

The first time you take your baby home from the hospital is a milestone moment for everyone, but so much more so when it is a moment that almost up until when it finally happens, you hardly dare to dream it could.

Taking my heart baby home for the first time: a milestone moment - Little Hearts, Big Love

The last time I had stepped foot in my house had been four weeks earlier.… Read more

5 types of baby, toddler and preschooler paintings - Little Hearts, Big Love

5 types of baby, toddler and preschooler paintings

I love watching my children paint. The way they freely express themselves – there is no self-consciousness, no worrying over whether their painting is “good” or “true to life” – just the innocent and carefree joy of getting messy and making a beautiful picture. They paint from the heart, paint for the love of painting and are proud of what they create.… Read more

New Year – a heart mummy’s perspective

A new year is like opening a book full of blank pages. Wondering what is going to be written on those pages. At the start of the new year, the thought of those blank pages frightens me. What things will be written on them? That there will be happy moments, exciting moments, fun moments I have no doubt.… Read more

My big blended family

Whenever I tell people that I have four brothers and four sisters, they nearly always assume that my mother gave birth to nine children but actually the reason my family is so big is because it is a blended family. Both my parents were married twice before they met and married each other – my mother had four children from her first marriage and my dad had two children from his first marriage; one from his second marriage and then he and my mother had me and my twin sister together, which makes nine of us in total.… Read more

To Jessica on her first day at preschool

To my darling little Jessica

Today was a big day for you – a little step into the world of independence as you went to preschool for the very first time. You looked so very grown-up in your preschool jumper – surely it was only yesterday that you were a teeny tiny baby snuggled up to me and now you’re a big girl and all excited about going to see the other children at preschool.… Read more

Christmas on the cardiac ward

The phone call came towards the end of November – we had a date for Jessica’s open-heart surgery. We had hoped that we might be able to have Christmas together first but it was not to be – the surgery was set for 14th December.

Christmas on the cardiac ward - Little Hearts, Big Love

We couldn’t focus on the thought of Christmas – not with such a huge obstacle in the way of it all.… Read more

The Broken Boys

This week’s ‘The Prompt’ is ‘I read the news today…’ which reminded me of an assignment I had when I was doing a creative writing course to write a piece based on a news item I had come across that week without using dialogue. Here’s the piece I wrote:


The Broken Boys

Well, here we are again, sitting on green plastic chairs in the local A&E department, waiting for a doctor to come and see us.… Read more

A hymn of thankfulness

One of my favourite hymns is ‘Great is thy faithfulness’. It is written on the inside of my diary; the words helped me get through those difficult early days following Jessica’s diagnosis, her heart surgeries and the long days on PICU and the ward as she recovered. It continues to give me strength.… Read more