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The Friday Focus 27/03/15

The coughs and colds might continue to linger, but with my big girl performing in her first ever preschool concert this week and both my girlies receiving signing certificates at their Tiny Talk class, my overall word for this week has to be proud.

The Friday Focus 27/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I am so proud of Jessica for having settled in to preschool so well and being able to watch her taking part in the Easter concert and enjoying being with the other children on her last day of the spring term was such a joy.… Read more

Sophie is signing


At the beginning of August, Sophie received a certificate at our Tiny Talk classes for doing her first sign and last week she received the next certificate – for being able to do five different signs. She can now wave, clap and sign ‘milk’, ‘mummy’ and ‘all gone’. Being able to sign really helped Jessica when she was a baby and reduced the frustration of not being able to communicate so hopefully it will be the same for Sophie.… Read more

First signing certificate

Last week I had a very proud mummy moment with Sophie when she got her first signing certificate at Tiny Talk for being able to clap her hands (and she also did ‘signing’ hands for the first time at the class too!). Sophie has been coming along to Jessica’s toddler signing classes ever since she was a couple of weeks old although I have to admit I’ve been less good at signing with her at home than I was with Jessica.… Read more