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Siblings - April 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – April 2016

I have two mini ballerinas on my hands this month – my girls are going through a phase of wanting to dress up in their “ballet skirts” and dance around together.  The LEGO Friends songs and the Frozen soundtrack seem to be their preferred dance music at the moment and I love watching them both dancing and singing along.  I have to confess that I quite often join in with them too!  I really must look into ballet classes for them both!… Read more

Siblings - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – March 2016

Getting photos of my two girls together for the Siblings project is becoming more and more of a challenge these days.  If I try and get them to pose for a shot, there is always one (usually Sophie!) looking away, frowning or looking grumpy, throwing themselves on the ground or trying to run away.  The trick now is to try and take photos of them together doing things without them being aware of the camera – much easier said than done as there’s usually about a five-second window before the camera is spotted and the moment abruptly ends!  I often have to resort to tricks to get them to look at the camera – “Look!… Read more

Siblings (February 2016) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – February 2016

Sophie has now reached the stage where we can go for walks without needing to bring the buggy or a toddler carrier along which has felt quite liberating. The change bag has frequently been ditched in favour of a rucksack (much easier to carry, especially when trying to hold two little hands) and we have been enjoying getting out and about on adventures together.… Read more

Siblings (December) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – December

The Christmas card photo has become a tradition for us now – getting the girls into costume and posing to recreate a festive scene. This year, they became Little Miss Santa and Rudolph, about to fly through the sky in a cardboard box sleigh. Hubby thought I was quite mad trying to take the photo outside in the garden on a very windy Sunday afternoon and I have to admit that the girls weren’t too impressed at being outside in it either.… Read more

Siblings (October) - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – October

With the end of September and the beginning of October being most sunny and fairly warm, we’ve been taking advantage and enjoying days out – mostly at Legoland, making the most of the preschool passes before the park closes for the season, but also exploring new places too. This month’s photos were taken on our trip to Petersfield Physic Garden on a recent visit to Nanny’s house.… Read more

Siblings: August - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – August

This last month has been all about holidays, completing challenges, spending time with family and just having fun together. The girls have enjoyed our trip to the Isle of Man where we completed our gold postbox challenge, a weekend away in Bristol hunting for the Shaun the Sheep sculptures and a week with Auntie Fizz and their cousins.… Read more