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Strictly Sophie - Little Hearts, Big Love

Strictly Sophie

Strictly Come Dancing will forever be linked with Sophie in my mind. The start of the new series has brought back memories of those last few weeks of being pregnant with Sophie – from 37 weeks onwards, it seemed that every time I settled down on the sofa to watch Strictly on a Saturday night, I’d start getting strong Braxton Hicks that would make me wonder whether I was about to go into labour.… Read more

Cousin relationships explained

My girls have been enjoying time with cousins from both sides of the family. Some are more distant cousins than others but it’s generally easier just to refer to them all as just “cousin” rather than be more specific.   Cousin relationships often seem quite confusing and thanks to my interest in genealogy, I’m often the person in my family who gets asked to clarify what the specific relationship is.… Read more

Trusting my instincts

As a parent, I am the expert where my two children are concerned. I know them better than anyone else; their milestones, their likes, their dislikes and the way they deal with things that happen in their little worlds and their approach to life.

Since becoming a mother, I have generally parented by instinct and whilst I will read the occasional parenting book and listen to well-meaning advice, I will often reject that advice if it doesn’t fit with what my instincts are telling me (with the occasional exception for medical advice particularly where Jessica is concerned).   I try not to compare when my children achieve their milestones with when other children their age do so – each child is an individual and does things at their own pace.… Read more


We’ve been going to TinyTalk signing classes for three years now – Jessica first started in the baby class when she was a few months old before moving up to the toddler class shortly before she turned two. Sophie has been coming along to the toddler class with Jessica since she was a couple of weeks old and both the girls enjoy the classes immensely.… Read more

Me and You – March

Today’s 40acts challenge is to ‘bless the boss’ and one of the suggested challenges involves writing them a letter to say ‘thank you’. As I work part-time for my husband’s company, my hubby is also my boss and so for this month’s ‘Me and You’ post, I thought I would combine the two and reflect on the things that I am thankful for:

Me and You - March: Thank you hubby - Little Hearts, Big Love

Thank you hubby for the big things:

  • For being my rock and providing me with love, strength and support during all the dark and difficult moments we have gone through since the day we became heart parents.
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Dear Sleep…

Dear Sleep

Remember those good old days when we used to spend hours together, dreaming beautiful dreams, night after night? After a busy day, you were always there waiting with your big warm open arms ready to enfold me. I felt so snuggly and safe in your embrace and those hours we spent together were nearly always blissful ones.… Read more

40acts: Week 3

I’m now 16 acts in to this year’s 40acts challenge. There are three levels to each of the daily challenges – green, yellow and red – depending on how much you want to or are able to challenge yourself and whilst I’ve generally been focusing on green and yellow challenges, this week has seen me manage to complete my first red challenges.… Read more

Birthday surprises

I’m somebody who likes to surprise my close family members on their birthdays, perhaps with an unexpected gift that has the personal touch or a surprise visit – such as the time I walked in an hour into my mum’s surprise 60th birthday at just the point that she was saying what a shame it was that all the family were able to be there apart from me (thinking I was at a dance competition that weekend).… Read more