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A weekend with Monty the Monkey

I love the weekends – two whole days to spend with my two little monkeys.  This weekend, we had another not-quite-so-little monkey join us – Monty, the class toy. He’s almost as big as Jessica, who was very excited to be taking him home with her for the weekend.  It was a good weekend to have Monty – we had plenty of activities planned and the girls loved bringing him along to them.… Read more

The Friday Focus 09/09/16 – The start of school days

This week has seen two big milestones for Jessica with the start of school on Monday followed by her fifth birthday on Tuesday.  We had a party for her on Saturday in my in-laws’ garden followed by a quiet day on Sunday to prepare for the first day at school.  She was so excited about going to big school and seeing all her friends (a few of her friends from preschool, including her best friend E, are in her class).  I managed to send her in with a big smile on my face but the tea and tissues at the nearby Children’s Centre were very welcome afterwards!… Read more

Preparing for my heart child to start school

The first day at school is such a huge milestone.  Like many other mums on their child’s first day at school, I was emotional.  My baby was taking another step out into the world; the start of a new adventure. An adventure that I might get to hear about, but not be a part of.  She was excited about this new adventure.… Read more

Can I freeze this moment please?

A sunny afternoon, watching my girls having fun together. Listening to the squeals of delight, the giggles as they chase each other round and round. Watching the way they wander off hand in hand together. And I stop and think – this is my perfect moment. This is what matters most; this is what really makes my life worth living.… Read more