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Cookies cooling on a wire rack

Review – Real Baking Cookie Kit

I’ve been enjoying another baking session with my girls following on from last week’s attempt at making cake pops.  This week, we have been making cinnamon cookies and trying out the Cookie Kit from Vivid’s Real Baking range.

Real Baking Cookie Kit containing a rolling pin, dough guide, silicon baking mat, cookie cutters and a piping bag


The Cookie Kit consists of a selection of cookie cutters in different shapes, a rolling pin, a silicon baking sheet and dough guide and a piping bag.   It’s designed to be used once the cookie dough itself is made as it doesn’t include any utensils or recipes for making the cookies.… Read more

Review – Real Baking Cake Pops kit

I love baking with my girls.  One of our favourite things to make together is cupcakes – they’re quick and easy to make and the girls have the fun of decorating them too.  Although I’ve made cupcakes with the girls several times, I’ve never tried making cake pops before.  Being sent some products from Vivid’s Real Baking range, including the Cake Pops kit provided me with the perfect excuse to give it a try.… Read more

Munchkin bath cups filled with bubbles

Review – Munchkin baby and toddler products

We’ve used a few Munchkin products over the years – Grippy Dots in the bath, soft tip spoons for weaning and the travel booster seat for eating out. We were recently sent a selection of baby and toddler items from Munchkin to try out.  Although my girls are a little older than the target age range for the products we were sent, we enjoyed trying them out.  Here’s what we thought.… Read more

Bringing drawings to life with the BIC® Kids DrawyBook app - Little Hearts, Big Love

Bringing drawings to life with the BIC Kids DrawyBook app

One of Jessica’s favourite things at the moment is drawing – she loves it so much that there are times when I struggle to keep up with her demands for more paper!  Last week, we were invited to the launch of BIC® Kids DrawyBook app – a free interactive app for smartphone and tablet which helps bring children’s drawings to life through augmented reality technology.… Read more