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We Need A Bit Less Christmas

Last December we performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from Mame in our fundraising concert. This year, we decided to perform the same number again – with a little twist. This time, with our concert taking place in November rather than December, we decided to bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and so I rewrote the lyrics to create our own version – “We Need A Bit Less Christmas”

We Need A Bit Less Christmas - Little Hearts, Big Love

Please stop this folly

For three long months it’s been in nearly every store

Cards, tinsel, holly

We’ve had enough, it’s getting to be quite a bore now


For we need a bit less Christmas

As it’s still November

Please stop singing carols

Wait until December

Yes we need a bit less Christmas

Hold off for a minute

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry

So why are we all in a hurry?… Read more

Beautiful, fleeting moments

Two big blue eyes peek from a cot
A soft, sweet voice is cooing
Two little arms are lifted up
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Chubby arms around my neck
Small head upon my shoulder
My baby snuggling close to me
Beautiful, fleeting moments

Raspberries blown on a bare tum
Tickles, squeals of laughter
Row, row your boat – again, again!… Read more

The Broken Boys

This week’s ‘The Prompt’ is ‘I read the news today…’ which reminded me of an assignment I had when I was doing a creative writing course to write a piece based on a news item I had come across that week without using dialogue. Here’s the piece I wrote:


The Broken Boys

Well, here we are again, sitting on green plastic chairs in the local A&E department, waiting for a doctor to come and see us.… Read more

Christmas time

Once again

It’s Christmas time

Time for mince pies and mulled wine

Gifts to buy

Don’t overspend!

Cards to make, and write, and send

Carols to sing

A school nativity

Decorations up, fairy lights upon the tree

Santa comes

Riding on his sleigh

And leaving gifts for Christmas Day

Magic moments

Time with family

That’s what Christmas means to me

© Louise George – 4th December 2014

Christmas time - Little Hearts, Big Love: Musings of a heart mummy

Prose for Thought

There are gremlins in my laundry pile

There are gremlins in my laundry pile;
How else do you explain
The things that disappear in there
Time and time again?

There are gremlins in my laundry pile:
Of this I have no doubt.
For in their pairs the socks go in,
Yet only one comes out.

There are gremlins in my laundry pile,
They hide white socks away
Then bury them in the pile of darks
To make them grubby grey.… Read more

My Favourite Season

I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone a little for this week’s prompt – “My favourite season…” and try a different style of poetry from my usual rhyming couplet. This is my first attempt at a Chaucerian roundel on my favourite season of all:
My favourite season - Little Hearts, Big Love

My Favourite Season

My favourite season is the spring
When little lambs are being born
And in the streams I find frogspawn.… Read more

Throwback Thursday – One Day More

Looking through my creative writing folder the other day, I came across this parody of the song ‘One Day More’ which I wrote for hubby towards the end of his PhD. It brought back a lot of memories of those days of sitting up half the night trying to get it written up and handed in – a very stressful time for both of us and it was a huge relief when it was finally finished.… Read more

To Sophie

This week’s Prose for Thought poem is for my baby girl who will be celebrating her first birthday on Monday:

Little one snuggled up so nice and warm
Can it really be a year since the day you were born?
That newborn baby has gone forever
She’s now a little girl – so big, so clever
With wobbly steps and a smile so bright
Exploring the world, full of delight
Giving sloppy kisses and sticky pats
“Mum-mum”, “da-da” – love to hear her chat
Always on the go, following big sister about
Grabbing at the toys which causes Jessica to shout!… Read more

An ode to my dad

This coming Sunday (19th October) would have been my dad’s 81st birthday.  I would always try and go home on his birthday and he used to love having all the family popping in to wish him a happy birthday.  I wish I could go home on Sunday and see him sitting there, looking so delighted to see everyone.  What is also hard is that my father-in-law shares the same birthday which makes me miss celebrating my dad’s birthday that little bit more.… Read more