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Sophie wearing her preschool jumper, ready for her first day

To Sophie on her first day at preschool

Darling Sophie,

Today saw you take a little step into the world of independence – your first day at preschool. A new adventure, new opportunities to learn and to make friends. A few hours of your life each week that I will no longer have a share in. A time that I will only get to find out about from the little snippets of information that you or the preschool staff will share with me.… Read more

Jessica and Sophie looking at the farmyard in Bekonscot model village

The Friday Focus 15/07/16 – The end of the preschool days

It’s been a bittersweet week. Jessica had her last day at preschool on Wednesday – the end of an era for her.  Emotionally, I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo.  The littlest things have had me in tears – emptying her preschool bag for the last time and finding her “I’m in today” photo card and drawer label in the bag in there; putting away the last pieces of preschool art in her artwork folder; looking back through photos of her time at preschool.… Read more

To Jessica on her last day of preschool

Darling Jessica,

I can’t quite believe we’re here; that today is your last day of preschool.  It doesn’t feel so very long ago that I walked you to preschool for the first time and came home and cried a little at the thought that my baby girl was big enough to be going to preschool.  How long those three hours before I came to collect you seemed – wondering how you were getting on, whether you were enjoying yourself, whether you missed me.… Read more

What I'm thankful for this week - Little Hearts, Big Love

What I’m thankful for this week

I always enjoy reflecting on the past week in my regular Friday Focus feature. This week, I’m taking a different approach and reflecting on the things that I’m thankful for instead:


  • My wonderful hubby who took time off work yesterday to look after me and the girls when a nasty tummy bug put me out of action.
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The Friday Focus 01/05/15

I recently posted a list of 50 things that make me happy and it seems that this last week has been full of little things that have made me happy – spending time together as a family, having a lovely day for myself, being proud of Jessica at our first ever parents’ evening and enjoying some one-to-one time with Sophie.… Read more

The Friday Focus 27/03/15

The coughs and colds might continue to linger, but with my big girl performing in her first ever preschool concert this week and both my girlies receiving signing certificates at their Tiny Talk class, my overall word for this week has to be proud.

The Friday Focus 27/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I am so proud of Jessica for having settled in to preschool so well and being able to watch her taking part in the Easter concert and enjoying being with the other children on her last day of the spring term was such a joy.… Read more

The preschool Easter concert

Jessica’s first term at preschool is over and what a lovely way to end it by watching my big girl taking part in her preschool’s Easter concert.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had fun last week making an Easter bonnet ready for the concert. We started off with an old straw hat that Grandma had given to Jessica and added some pretty pink ribbon, several Easter chicks, some flowers, sticky foam Easter shapes and some wool to make a nest at the top of the hat.… Read more