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Wishing the moments away

Yesterday, you climbed into my lap for a snuggle
And I thought of the tasks that I needed to juggle
And instead of letting myself make the most of the cuddle
Impatiently waited for it to be through


All those times in the night when you had to be fed
All the hours I spent sitting next to your bed
Thinking of the things I could be doing instead
Worrying about everything I needed to do.… Read more

A brief moment of tidiness

It’s such a satisfying feeling when all the housework’s done,
So I stop and enjoy the moment because it doesn’t last for long.
Look, I can see all the floor! The toys are put away,
(It’s like the Hamleys bomb’s gone off when the kids come down and play!)

The windows are all shiny, no fingerprints or smears,
I’ll give it fifteen minutes before they start to reappear!… Read more

The Heartlake City model at Legoland

Legoland: the end of an era

Legoland’s our happy place, of that there is no doubt

We’ve made some brilliant memories there from many fun days out

We’ve certainly had our money’s worth; the preschool pass we’d recommend

We’re quite sad our term-time days out there have now come to end.

The girls standing outside the entrance to Legoland and the title Legoland: the end of an era

We get the Hill Train down to Miniland; I always love the view

The models are so detailed, each time I see something new

The girls love racing dragsters and watching all the trains

And this year there’s been the birthday show to keep us entertained

The model of Buckingham Palace at Miniland

We used to love the pirate show but the girls became afraid

Of the big explosion at the end and the loud noise that it made

The girls both love the Lego Friends; we have to see their show

And have a photo with them afterwards with a chance to say hello

My girls with the Lego Friends girls

There’s also Duplo Theatre – the puppet shows are good

We love to watch Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood

Jessica loves to be the driver; all aboard the Duplo Train!… Read more

An ode to bedtime

In my dreams: the end of day
Tidy up, put toys away
Run the kids a nice warm bath
Play with bubbles, have a laugh
Soft warm towels, nice and dry
Pyjamas on – it’s story time
Children snuggled in their beds
Lullabies for sleepy heads
A kiss goodnight, time to sleep
Tiptoe down the stairs I creep
Wine in hand, what’s on TV?… Read more

We Need A Bit Less Christmas

Last December we performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from Mame in our fundraising concert. This year, we decided to perform the same number again – with a little twist. This time, with our concert taking place in November rather than December, we decided to bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and so I rewrote the lyrics to create our own version – “We Need A Bit Less Christmas”

We Need A Bit Less Christmas - Little Hearts, Big Love

Please stop this folly

For three long months it’s been in nearly every store

Cards, tinsel, holly

We’ve had enough, it’s getting to be quite a bore now


For we need a bit less Christmas

As it’s still November

Please stop singing carols

Wait until December

Yes we need a bit less Christmas

Hold off for a minute

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry

So why are we all in a hurry?… Read more

Our Christmas newsletter – 2014 in rhyme

Dear family and friends, it’s Christmas time
So here is the latest edition
Of the last year’s news, set out in rhyme
As now has become our tradition

January: a cardiac catheter op
Jessica’s arteries need to grow more
Before her next big op takes place
Hopefully some time after she’s four

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love

February: Sophie’s christening day took place
Celebrating with friends and relations
A party in March with Friends of PICU
as they marked a million pounds of donations

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love

April: Michael had an event in Berlin
And we rehearsed for a concert in May
Fundraising for PICU and Christian Aid
Plus we enjoyed a church weekend away

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love
June: ticking off a gold postbox when we visited Sark
Driving from Normandy to the Côte d’Azur
Through Monaco, into Italy; we drove all about
Our first trip abroad as a family of four

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love
Summertime: days out to Legoland,
Alton Towers, seeing In the Night Garden show
Treasure trails, book bench hunts, painting outside
Time with cousins hunting for the Gruffalo

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love
September: Jessica’s birthday – our miracle turned three
How grown up she suddenly appears
Loving puzzles and jigsaws, drawing and crafts
And off to preschool at the start of next year

Christmas newsletter 2014 - Little Hearts, Big Love
October: how can it be that Sophie is one
And suddenly a baby no more?… Read more

Christmas time

Once again

It’s Christmas time

Time for mince pies and mulled wine

Gifts to buy

Don’t overspend!

Cards to make, and write, and send

Carols to sing

A school nativity

Decorations up, fairy lights upon the tree

Santa comes

Riding on his sleigh

And leaving gifts for Christmas Day

Magic moments

Time with family

That’s what Christmas means to me

© Louise George – 4th December 2014

Christmas time - Little Hearts, Big Love: Musings of a heart mummy

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