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Me and You: Why quality time as a couple is so important - Little Hearts, Big Love

Me and You: Why quality time as a couple is so important

After the busyness of the last couple of months and the feeling of being like passing ships, November has been all about spending time together as a couple, reminiscing and remembering the little things we love about each other. November is a good month for reminiscing as Armistice Day was the anniversary of our engagement seven years ago.… Read more

We Need A Bit Less Christmas

Last December we performed “We Need A Little Christmas” from Mame in our fundraising concert. This year, we decided to perform the same number again – with a little twist. This time, with our concert taking place in November rather than December, we decided to bemoan the fact that Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year and so I rewrote the lyrics to create our own version – “We Need A Bit Less Christmas”

We Need A Bit Less Christmas - Little Hearts, Big Love

Please stop this folly

For three long months it’s been in nearly every store

Cards, tinsel, holly

We’ve had enough, it’s getting to be quite a bore now


For we need a bit less Christmas

As it’s still November

Please stop singing carols

Wait until December

Yes we need a bit less Christmas

Hold off for a minute

It hasn’t snowed a single flurry

So why are we all in a hurry?… Read more

A musical journey into memories - Little Hearts, Big Love

A musical journey into memories

Music is such a powerful thing – hearing an upbeat song can instantly lift our mood, a lullaby can help soothe a child to sleep and a few lines of a song heard playing on a radio can bring back vivid memories. There are so many songs that are significant to me, that instantly bring back particular moments in my life, reminding me of certain people or places.… Read more

A Little Christmas concert

Over the last few weeks I have been busy with rehearsals for a Christmas concert which my mother-in-law and I were organising as a fundraiser for the charities that our church is supporting this year – Mercy Ships and Friends of Vellore. In my pre-baby days, I loved doing am-dram and performing but with two small children and a husband who works very unpredictable hours, committing to a rehearsal schedule for a show is pretty much impossible.… Read more

My life as a mummy – in musical theatre songs

1) The Ladies Singing Their Song – Baby the Musical

“Strangers acting like they’ve always known me
They poke me, they stroke me, they treat me like they own me.”

This song is all about how when you’re pregnant, you suddenly become public property and complete strangers seem to think it’s totally acceptable to touch your bump and tell you horror stories about their own birthing experiences.… Read more