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Sophie wearing her preschool jumper, ready for her first day

To Sophie on her first day at preschool

Darling Sophie,

Today saw you take a little step into the world of independence – your first day at preschool. A new adventure, new opportunities to learn and to make friends. A few hours of your life each week that I will no longer have a share in. A time that I will only get to find out about from the little snippets of information that you or the preschool staff will share with me.… Read more

Now you are three

Darling Sophie

Today you are three years old.  Those three years since you were born have passed by in the blink of an eye.  No longer a baby, no longer really a toddler – you are a little girl who likes to be as independent as possible.  “I can do it myself!” is a phrase I hear frequently – and you are determined to at least give it a try even if you sometimes do end up asking “can you help me, Mummy?”  I love your determination and your willingness to try.… Read more

Now you are five

Darling Jessica

Yesterday you started school for the first time and today we are celebrating your fifth birthday.  Can it really be five years since I held you in my arms for the first time and felt such a huge rush of joy that you were here?  Somehow those five years seem to have flown by and yet at the same time, the time before your arrival seems a distant memory.  From the moment I found out I was expecting you, you have filled my world so completely that I cannot properly remember life before you.  You and Sophie are my world and being your Mummy gives me more joy than I could describe.… Read more

The Friday Focus – 24/06/16

I’ve not blogged about this week’s EU referendum but it’s certainly been something that has dominated my thoughts this week.  The uncertainty about the future has left me feeling quite unsettled and worried.  At the time of writing this, the voting has just closed and the result is unknown but I think no matter which way the vote goes, the after effects of this referendum will be felt for quite some time to come.… Read more

Milestone moments: swimming, sports day and sleeping in a big girl bed

The last week has seen a couple of milestone moments for my girls; moments of seeing them taking a step forward, growing in confidence or trying something new.  I’ve found before that being on holiday and stepping out of routine can sometimes help give that push to try something new, and this has certainly been true recently.… Read more

To Jessica on her 4th birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

To Jessica on her 4th birthday

Darling Jessica,

This time four years ago, we didn’t know if we would even have four days with you – to have been blessed with four years is just amazing. What a rollercoaster those four years have been with all your hospital stays and heart surgeries. You have been through so much in your four years on this earth and you amaze me every day with your strength and your zest for life.… Read more

Friday 13th – a day that changed our lives forever

Friday 13th May 2011. A day that was hugely significant for us; a hospital appointment that would change our lives forever. Looking back, I recall it as a series of flashback moments. Walking into the hospital holding hubby’s hand, my legs shaking and a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.… Read more

Trusting my instincts

As a parent, I am the expert where my two children are concerned. I know them better than anyone else; their milestones, their likes, their dislikes and the way they deal with things that happen in their little worlds and their approach to life.

Since becoming a mother, I have generally parented by instinct and whilst I will read the occasional parenting book and listen to well-meaning advice, I will often reject that advice if it doesn’t fit with what my instincts are telling me (with the occasional exception for medical advice particularly where Jessica is concerned).   I try not to compare when my children achieve their milestones with when other children their age do so – each child is an individual and does things at their own pace.… Read more

The Friday Focus 10/04/15

It’s been a bit of a week of transition – getting used to being at home again on my own with the girls after a lovely trip away and so much family time together. Jessica slept in a single bed when we stayed at ‘the moon’ most nights during our holiday and so it seemed a good time to make the transition from a cot to a bed for her at home too – we had a quick detour on the way home to pick up some new bedding and took the sides off the cot as soon as we got home.… Read more