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Me and Mine – December 2016

Christmas for me has always been about spending time with family – turning off the phone and the TV and just focusing on being together and having fun.  The period from Christmas until New Year is the one time of the year when hubby gets to properly switch off (the joys of running a business!) and we get to enjoy family time without any distractions.… Read more

Me and Mine – October 2016

Family moments have been few and far between this month as hubby has been working away from home for most of it.  There has been the odd day here and there when he is home but otherwise it’s just been me and the girls.

Hubby, me, Jessica and Sophie at church for Jessica's enrolment into Girls' Brigade - Me and Mine: October 2016

It’s hard when hubby is away.  The girls miss him and we have the odd tearful moment here and there when they just want Daddy home again and tell me to “magic him home.” Oh, if only it were that easy!  I miss having adult conversation in the evening and a second pair of hands to help with the children in the mornings (and occasionally bedtime although hubby is rarely home before the girls go to bed even when he isn’t away).  We adjust and we get used to it just being the three of us, but something always feels slightly out-of-kilter until hubby comes back home again.… Read more

Me and Mine – September 2016

Jessica’s birthday at the beginning of September always feels like the big transition point in the year. Somehow the change in seasons always feels more acute in September than at any other time. Maybe it is the change in the weather as summer ends and autumn starts – a change that always brings a feeling of sadness that another beautiful summer has come to an end.  Maybe it is the realisation of the passing of time and how quickly my babies are growing up.  Maybe it is just having to go back to normality and everyday routines once again.… Read more

Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie on the miniature train at Bekonscot model village

Me and Mine – July 2016

This year is certainly whizzing by – I can’t believe that we are almost in August already and that there is just over a month to go until my big girl starts school (sob!)  Jessica’s last day at preschool was certainly an emotional one from my perspective – although I am thankful that to her, it is all very exciting and she is looking forward to the next big adventure!… Read more

Me and Mine - June 2016 - reflecting on the past month for the Me and Mine project

Me and Mine – June 2016

This time five years ago, right at the start of our journey as a family, we took a very big step.  A step into the unknown, a leap of faith taken in the hope of being granted the miracle we had been praying for.  Our baby girl underwent her very first surgery before she had even entered the world and it was this surgery that gave her a chance of being able to cope with all the surgeries that have followed it.… Read more

Me and Mine – May 2016

April was all about snatching family moments when we could and this was something that definitely continued into May with hubby having been working away on events throughout most of the month.  Whilst we are used to this being a normal part of our family life, we are always a little less settled when hubby is away.  The girls miss Daddy being around and are a little more clingy than usual – wanting extra cuddles (which is quite nice in a way) and there are the constant questions about “how many more sleeps until Daddy comes home?”

Making the most of family moments in May

They love going to the airport to meet Daddy when he has been away.  Hearing those squeals of delight when hubby appears and the pure happiness on his face as his two little girls rush over to give him the biggest cuddles never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  Somehow all the stress and the challenges of the time without him melt away in the joy of feeling like we are complete again.… Read more

Me and Mine – April 2016

Some months are all about snatching family moments where we can and April has been one of those months.  Hubby has been working long hours and has been away working on events (at the time of writing he’s spending the week in a castle in Rome which I’m rather envious of!) which means we’ve not managed to spend a lot of time together as a family.  As a result, this month’s photos are quick snaps taken in the back garden – a brief moment of family time together.… Read more

Me and Mine - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Me and Mine – March 2016

It’s interesting that I finished off last month’s Me and Mine post with the reflection that for families like ours every month is heart month and CHD is always at the forefront of my mind.  The day after that post went live saw Jessica’s first unplanned hospital admission in three years thanks to a chest infection which was probably the cause of the persistently low oxygen saturations that she’d had for a couple of weeks.    Thankfully she improved quickly after being given IV antibiotics and only needed to stay in hospital for a couple of nights.… Read more

Me and Mine – February 2016

With February being Heart Month – a month of raising awareness of congenital heart defects – it seems appropriate that our family photo for this month is from one of our fundraising events. We were holding a coffee morning at our church in aid of Little Hearts Matter and so the three of us girls are all wearing our Little Hearts Matter T-shirts.… Read more