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LEJOG Day 1 – Getting to the start

“We’re going on a ‘venture!” Sophie kept saying as we rushed around getting everything ready to set off towards Land’s End – the starting point for our LEJOG challenge. Unfortunately in the rush, neither hubby nor I noticed that Jessica hadn’t picked up Kerry, her favourite dolly, and it was only when we arrived at the station that we realised she was missing.… Read more

The signpost at Land's End with "Our Family LEJOG challenge - August 2016) written on one of the arms

Our Land’s End to John O’Groats Challenge

Like the gold postbox challenge, it all started with a throwaway comment. “Shall we keep going until we get to John O’Groats?” hubby said jokingly as we headed towards Birmingham for a weekend stop before going to Butlins. “No, it would take hours!” I replied – which prompted us to look up just how long it would take.… Read more

Exercise advice for heart children - what is safe? - Little Hearts, Big Love

Exercise advice for heart children – what is safe?

One of my day-to-day worries as a heart parent is trying to work out just how much exercise is safe for my heart child. I know that it is important for her to get a good amount of exercise, but I worry about her overexerting herself and potentially putting strain on her heart.   We have been told that she will self-limit but sometimes it is hard not to step in and restrict her if I think she is getting tired.… Read more

The Friday Focus 27/03/15

The coughs and colds might continue to linger, but with my big girl performing in her first ever preschool concert this week and both my girlies receiving signing certificates at their Tiny Talk class, my overall word for this week has to be proud.

The Friday Focus 27/03/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

I am so proud of Jessica for having settled in to preschool so well and being able to watch her taking part in the Easter concert and enjoying being with the other children on her last day of the spring term was such a joy.… Read more

Preparing for preschool with a heart child

Last week saw a big milestone for Jessica as she started preschool for the first time. Whilst she took it all in her stride and seems to be thoroughly enjoying it so far, it was a big step for me as a parent to go from having her home all the time to having to let her take her first independent steps into the world and trust other people to keep a watchful eye on her and her heart condition.… Read more

Black & White Photography Project Week 12

This week’s black and white photo was taken at the coffee morning I held at our church this weekend to fundraise for Little Hearts Matter.  During October, members are being asked to make handmade hearts in aid of the charity and although it is not quite October yet, I thought I’d join in with the handmade hearts challenge for my coffee morning and baked cheese scones and heart-shaped cookies and a lovely friend made the rice krispie cakes.… Read more

Children’s Heart Week – Day 2

It’s three years today since we were told that Jessica was unlikely to be suitable for surgery and that she would be offered comfort care after she was born although a throwaway comment about in-utero surgery being performed at Boston Children’s Hospital at that appointment led us to the first step in Jessica’s journey – the pioneering in-utero procedure she underwent at 28 weeks’ gestation which gave her a chance of life.… Read more