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Friday Focus 03/03/17 – Lent and the start of 40acts

This week marks the start of Lent and the beginning of the 40acts generosity challenge. I’ve taken part individually over previous years but this year is the first time that the girls will be joining me. We’ve got our 40acts wallchart up and I’m enjoying seeing how enthusiastic and excited Jessica and Sophie are about taking part in each day’s challenge (possibly helped by being able to add a sticker to the chart when they complete it!)

Lent - this week's word of the week

So far, we’ve put together our generosity kit (which includes chocolate, sweeties, some coins, post-it notes and plasters) and made the effort to tell a friend something that we really like about them.… Read more

40acts - changing the world, one generous act at a time - Little Hearts, Big Love

40acts – changing the world, one generous act at a time

Most people give up something for Lent but what would happen if you choose to give out instead of giving up? To use Lent as a focus for giving to others, one small step at a time? 40acts is a Lent challenge that encourages you to do just that. 40 small acts of generosity – one for each day of Lent.… Read more

40acts: Week 7

Happy Easter everyone! Lent is now over and this year’s 40acts challenge has come to an end, although as with last year, the daily challenges have left me with quite a lot of food for thought and I’ll be taking some of them on board through Easter and beyond.

40acts: Week 7 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The challenges for this week have been:

  • Act 35: Bite your tongue – trying to prevent harsh words slipping out
  • Act 36: Do the dirty work – doing a domestic chore that we tend to avoid
  • Act 37: Heavy lifting – trying to ease someone else’s burden
  • Act 38: Open up – being open about our struggles
  • Act 39: Write off – writing off someone’s debt to you
  • Act 40: Undercover –An anonymous over-the-top generous act


Some of the challenges have been a little harder to complete through being on holiday – tackling a domestic chore that I usually avoid or allow someone else to do being a particular example and my way of completing this particular challenge was to allow hubby to stay in the hotel room with the girls on arrival whilst I went back out to the car to get some of our luggage – usually I stay with the girls and let him go back and forth to the car.… Read more

40acts: Week 6

It’s the penultimate week of 40acts with just six more acts left to go. Once again I’ve been focusing on green and yellow challenges but perhaps I will manage to tick off a red one again next week! One of the things I love about 40acts is the way it makes me think more about things I can do to make a difference and how it has the power to change some of my actions longer-term.… Read more

40acts: Week 5

The last week has seen me and the girls being stuck inside the house a little more than usual thanks to all of us being under the weather and so it has felt like another week of ‘40acts lite’ focusing predominantly on the green challenges. This week I’ve been quite thankful for social media which has made it possible to complete some of the daily challenges whilst being stuck at home.… Read more

40acts: Week 4

I’m now more than halfway through this year’s 40acts challenge and after last week’s successful week with completing two red challenges, this week has been more “40acts lite” with me focusing predominantly on green challenges, although I have still managed to complete each of the acts for this week.

40acts: Week 4 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The challenges for this week have been:

  • Act 17: BOGOF – buy one, give one free
  • Act 18: Apologise – saying “I’m sorry”
  • Act 19: In touch – thinking of prisoners and victims of domestic abuse
  • Act 20: Stranger things could happen – starting up a conversation with someone new
  • Act 21: Do be silly – sharing a joke or doing something funny for Red Nose Day
  • Act 22: Give it time – giving your time and talents


The first of this week’s acts lined up nicely with my grocery shopping trip and I made sure I added a few extra items for our local foodbank.… Read more

40acts: Week 3

I’m now 16 acts in to this year’s 40acts challenge. There are three levels to each of the daily challenges – green, yellow and red – depending on how much you want to or are able to challenge yourself and whilst I’ve generally been focusing on green and yellow challenges, this week has seen me manage to complete my first red challenges.… Read more