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Lego Christmas markets in Miniland

Christmas Bricktacular: 7 things we loved about our festive day out at Legoland

As my regular readers will know, Legoland is one of our favourite places. Last year we went to the Christmas Bricktacular event for the first time. It was such a magical experience that we made sure we booked to go again this year. Here are ten things that we loved about our experience at Legoland Christmas Bricktacular:

Jessica and Sophie with a Lego elf: Christmas Bricktacular - 7 things we loved about our festive day out at Legoland


1) Seeing Father Christmas

Father Christmas at Legoland has been one of the more magical Santa experiences for my children.… Read more

Brick or Treat at Legoland Windsor

As Jessica had an inset day on Monday and her preschool pass was valid that day, we couldn’t resist a trip to Legoland, with her friends H and E, to take part in their Brick or Treat event.  I hadn’t originally intended to put the girls in costume (we don’t really do Halloween) but when H and E’s dad told me there was a fancy dress competition, I couldn’t resist trying to put together some costumes for the girls so we could take part!… Read more

Friday Focus 04/11/16 – Dancing feet

This week, my happy moments seem to have revolved around dancing.  One of my favourite things about this time of year is watching Strictly on a Saturday night and I love seeing how much the girls love watching it too.  I often have to re-watch the dances on the TV as I’m so distracted by watching my girls holding hands and dancing together whilst watching it.  They both try to copy the moves as they go along and I’m quite impressed at the things they remember if they hear that music again later on – particularly when they suddenly end with a pose that they remember seeing on the TV!… Read more

My Sunday Photo 04/09/16

As the summer holidays drew to a close, we managed to enjoy another couple of days at Legoland using our preschool passes.  Since the Lego Friends show first appeared at Legoland, no day out has been complete without going to see it and stopping for a photo with the Lego Friends girls afterwards.  To see the girls’ delight when the “Best Friends Forever fairies” recognise them is just wonderful.… Read more

The Heartlake City model at Legoland

Legoland: the end of an era

Legoland’s our happy place, of that there is no doubt

We’ve made some brilliant memories there from many fun days out

We’ve certainly had our money’s worth; the preschool pass we’d recommend

We’re quite sad our term-time days out there have now come to end.

The girls standing outside the entrance to Legoland and the title Legoland: the end of an era

We get the Hill Train down to Miniland; I always love the view

The models are so detailed, each time I see something new

The girls love racing dragsters and watching all the trains

And this year there’s been the birthday show to keep us entertained

The model of Buckingham Palace at Miniland

We used to love the pirate show but the girls became afraid

Of the big explosion at the end and the loud noise that it made

The girls both love the Lego Friends; we have to see their show

And have a photo with them afterwards with a chance to say hello

My girls with the Lego Friends girls

There’s also Duplo Theatre – the puppet shows are good

We love to watch Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood

Jessica loves to be the driver; all aboard the Duplo Train!… Read more

My girls posing outside of the 4D cinema in Legoland

The Friday Focus – 08/07/16

We’ve been making the most of the last few days of being able to go to Legoland in term-time this week with a couple of days out there.  For the last two years, we’ve well and truly got our money’s worth out of the preschool passes – but with the arrival of the summer season, our term-time days out have come to an end.  We’ve made so many memories at Legoland over the last couple of years and it has always been our happy place.  I’m not looking forward to being restricted to weekends and holidays from now on, but I’m sure the girls will still enjoy it just as much!… Read more

The Friday Focus 27/05/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus – 27/05/16

I feel like I’ve been juggling an awful lot of balls this week – although thankfully I think I’ve managed to keep them all in the air despite quite a few moments when I wasn’t sure I could do so! It’s been another week of solo parenting combined with a big impending deadline for something I’m responsible for at work and an approaching deadline for a group project on my HR course.  I’ve had to do video conference calls with a small child wanting to wave hello and chat to the interesting-looking people on Mummy’s laptop screen and there have been quite a few stressful moments, not helped by having two nights where Jessica refused to go to sleep until way past 10pm at night.… Read more

Siblings - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – March 2016

Getting photos of my two girls together for the Siblings project is becoming more and more of a challenge these days.  If I try and get them to pose for a shot, there is always one (usually Sophie!) looking away, frowning or looking grumpy, throwing themselves on the ground or trying to run away.  The trick now is to try and take photos of them together doing things without them being aware of the camera – much easier said than done as there’s usually about a five-second window before the camera is spotted and the moment abruptly ends!  I often have to resort to tricks to get them to look at the camera – “Look!… Read more