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Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love

Pirate crafts

Ahoy there, shipmates! With Jessica havin’ a couple o’ pirate party days at preschool this week, we’ve been a-focusin’ on pirate crafts, makin’ ourselves a fine treasure chest, spyglass an’ treasure map. So avast ye, me hearties, sit ye-selves down, and we’ll tell ye the tale of how we did it…

Pirate crafts - Little Hearts, Big Love - make ye-self a treasure map for yer booty, a spyglass to keep watch for scurvy knaves and a treasure map...


Every good pirate needs a spyglass when they be on the look-out in the crow’s nest an’ this one be easy t’ make with just a couple o’ cardboard toilet roll tubes an’ a plastic or paper cup.… Read more

Peg aeroplane - Up in the sky: themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers - Little Hearts, Big Love

Up in the sky: themed crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Every so often, we have a theme week for crafts. It makes it easier for me to think of ideas (or find some on Pinterest!) This week, we’ve taken inspiration from Mama vs Teacher’s linky Imagination Matters, using “in the sky” as the prompt for our crafting endeavours. Most of our creations have been simple enough for both Jessica and Sophie to join in with, without too much assistance being needed from Mummy.… Read more

Footprint painting in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

Footprint painting in the garden

Both my girls enjoy getting creative with paint and paper and whilst I love to encourage their creativity, I don’t enjoy clearing up the mess afterwards! Making the most of the warm sunny weather and taking the paint and paper outside is a great way to have fun and be creative without having to worry too much about clearing up a lot of mess afterwards!… Read more

Three Little Pigs themed crafts

Jessica saw the Three Little Pigs performed at the Duplo Valley puppet show at Legoland on a recent visit there and the story seems to have really captured her imagination ever since. She spent quite a long time on the phone to my mum telling her all about the “piggies” and loved playing the Three Little Pigs board game.… Read more