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The fairies' High Street - a selection of fairy doors on a tree trunk

A fairies and elves trail at Black Park

When we were putting together our summer activities list, one of Jessica’s requests was “to find some fairies.” A few days later I discovered that Black Park were running a Fairies and Elves trail at the beginning of August – the perfect opportunity to go hunting for fairies and tick another activity off the list.… Read more

Creating fairytale magic in the Temple Gardens at Langley Park

Langley Park is one of our favourite places to go for a walk.  The Temple Gardens is especially beautiful at this time of year with all the rhododendrons in bloom and the girls were keen to explore and see all the “pretty flowers in the trees.”

How a little imagination turned a walk outside into a magical adventure

I let the children decide which route we would take through the gardens which was great as we got to see much more of the gardens then we do when I set the route!… Read more

Making fairytale magic in the garden

Making fairytale magic in the garden

A mild winter’s afternoon, sunshine and dressing up – the perfect combination for making an ordinary moment out playing in the garden into a magical fairytale moment. It is amazing just how much magic can be found, if only you step into the wonderful world of childhood imagination.

Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

Little Red Riding Hood was making her way to Grandma’s house.… Read more

Imaginative play with a village of toys

Most of Jessica and Sophie’s Christmas toys this year were sets that encouraged imaginative play – farms, animals, a toy garage and cars, houses and people. Add a double-sided rug with a road layout on one side and a farm layout on the other and it was perfect for creating a toy village in the front room.… Read more