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A brief moment of tidiness

It’s such a satisfying feeling when all the housework’s done,
So I stop and enjoy the moment because it doesn’t last for long.
Look, I can see all the floor! The toys are put away,
(It’s like the Hamleys bomb’s gone off when the kids come down and play!)

The windows are all shiny, no fingerprints or smears,
I’ll give it fifteen minutes before they start to reappear!… Read more

The real reasons why I'm cleaning my house - Little Hearts, Big Love

The real reasons why I’m cleaning my house

Once upon a time, I was a tidy person. Back in the day when I had only myself to clean up after, I lived a fairly mess-free existence. And then along came a husband and two children and life became very busy and very messy. Instead of just tidying up after myself, I had three other people creating a mess and frequently it was just me cleaning it up afterwards.… Read more