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CHD from a parent’s perspective – is it wrong to share?

I read a lot of blogs from heart parents and parents of children with additional needs. Occasionally, I come across blogs and articles written from the perspective of children or adults who are living with CHD or another medical condition, or who have additional needs. Every so often, there is an article which shocks me and makes me stop and think; one in which there is harsh criticism of parents sharing their child’s story when it is not their story to share.… Read more

I’m a heart mummy but I’m not superhuman

Being a heart mummy can be perceived sometimes as being a bit of a super mummy.  I am often told “you’re so brave”, “you’re so strong”, “I don’t know how you cope with it all” and whilst it is true that I try to be brave and I try to be strong, there have also been many times when I feel anything but brave or strong, and I’m not entirely sure how I cope with it all either.… Read more