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The Friday Focus – 10/06/16

It’s good to be back home again after spending the first part of this week in hospital for Jessica’s cardiac catheter procedure.  I’ve been so proud of my big girl this week and how well she has coped with it – she has been so brave throughout the whole thing.  There were a few tears whilst having bloods taken, cannulas inserted and stickies removed – the things that she always hates having done – and she was quite an unhappy little lady for the first hour or so after coming round from her catheter procedure but other than that, her beautiful smile has mostly still been there.  We’re still playing the waiting game with regards to having an idea of when the team might suggest the next operation takes place but in the meantime, we’ll keep focusing on making memories and enjoying normal family life.… Read more

The Friday Focus – 22/04/16

I feel as though I am on the cusp of change this week – with two significant decisions being made that both have an impact on where the future is likely to lead us.  We found out that Jessica has been given a place at our local infant school which we are very pleased about.  It was the only choice we’d put down on the form as it’s so close to where we live.… Read more

Getting out and about and enjoying being outdoors - The Friday Focus 15/04/16

The Friday Focus – 15/04/16

The weather has been just gorgeous this week and we’ve been making the most of it by getting outdoors as much as possible.  Picnics in the garden at lunchtime, the first ice-creams this year from the ice-cream van, going for walks and exploring new places – it’s been good to just get out and about and make the most of the lovely weather.   There have also been a few days where we’ve been able to shed the coats which is always a lovely feeling!… Read more

The Friday Focus – 08/04/16

The girls have enjoyed spending time with their cousins on both sides of the family this week.  Hubby’s cousin and her twin girls were visiting from Luxembourg and the four girls had a wonderful time together in the garden, making a nature collage and just enjoying being together again.

"Cousins" - this weeks word of the week - The Friday Focus 08/04/16

We also went to stay with my twin sister during the week and it is always lovely to see our four girls together – despite the age gap between her daughters and mine, they have a wonderfully close bond which is a joy to see.… Read more

The Friday Focus – 01/04/16

Yesterday was Jessica’s cardiac check-up.  I’d felt more anxious in the run-up to this appointment than I had for a check-up in a while.  Partly because of our old consultant leaving but mostly because I knew we would be discussing Jessica’s next surgery.  We met our new consultant and Jessica had her echocardiogram, ECG and other tests carried out – and as far as I can tell, things sound pretty stable.  However, the discussion with the consultant has been a sharp reminder that another heart surgery will need to happen, and that it could happen very soon.… Read more

The Friday Focus 18/03/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus – 18/03/16

We’ve been having so much fun over the last week with various days out, blog events, time with friends, time spent doing crafts and going out and about, making the most of this lovely sunshine we’ve been having.  Isn’t it amazing what a difference the sunshine makes – I’ve definitely felt my mood lift this week (and I wasn’t even aware it needed that lift until it happened!) – and to have been able to enjoy so much quality time with my girls has made for a wonderful week.… Read more

The Friday Focus – 11/03/16

With Mother’s Day being last Sunday, followed by my mum’s birthday on Wednesday, this week’s word has to be mum.  I had a lovely Mother’s Day with my girlies and enjoyed the lovely flowers, “mummy mug” and handmade cards that they gave me.  This year, both my girls helped to hand out the daffodils at church – although Sophie got distracted as soon as she spotted me and the daffodils were abandoned in favour of cuddles instead!… Read more

Birthday cake - The Friday Focus 26/02/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus – 26/02/16

It’s been quite a mixed week on the whole. Hubby has been away for half of it, and my big sister has come to stay for the other half of the week. We’ve had fun moments, subdued moments with Sophie still being a little under the weather during the first half of the week, exhausting moments, with the girls not sleeping brilliantly and happy moments catching up with family.… Read more