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To Jessica on her last day of preschool

Darling Jessica,

I can’t quite believe we’re here; that today is your last day of preschool.  It doesn’t feel so very long ago that I walked you to preschool for the first time and came home and cried a little at the thought that my baby girl was big enough to be going to preschool.  How long those three hours before I came to collect you seemed – wondering how you were getting on, whether you were enjoying yourself, whether you missed me.… Read more

Looking back on 2015

If I had to sum up the past year in just one word, it would have to be “fun”. This year seems to have been all about enjoying time together, making memories and having lots of fun doing so. We’ve had so many fun days out and trips away; spending time with family and friends and completing various challenges along the way.… Read more