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Friday Focus 04/11/16 – Dancing feet

This week, my happy moments seem to have revolved around dancing.  One of my favourite things about this time of year is watching Strictly on a Saturday night and I love seeing how much the girls love watching it too.  I often have to re-watch the dances on the TV as I’m so distracted by watching my girls holding hands and dancing together whilst watching it.  They both try to copy the moves as they go along and I’m quite impressed at the things they remember if they hear that music again later on – particularly when they suddenly end with a pose that they remember seeing on the TV!… Read more

Strictly Sophie - Little Hearts, Big Love

Strictly Sophie

Strictly Come Dancing will forever be linked with Sophie in my mind. The start of the new series has brought back memories of those last few weeks of being pregnant with Sophie – from 37 weeks onwards, it seemed that every time I settled down on the sofa to watch Strictly on a Saturday night, I’d start getting strong Braxton Hicks that would make me wonder whether I was about to go into labour.… Read more