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Yesterday, a baby went to sleep in my arms

Yesterday, a baby went to sleep in my arms,
and for a moment the world stopped.
I gazed at her in wonder, my heart overflowing with love.
A moment cherished, a moment stored in my heart,
A moment that flew past all too quickly.


The world turned, and the changes came
A Moses basket became a cot
The sleeping baby woke up, rolled over
Then suddenly was crawling off
Little coos became vowels and words
And each time I fell in love again
With the new person my little one became
Only for her to grow and change again


Each little milestone celebrated
First tooth, first steps, first birthday
That little baby who once needed me so much
Grew a little more independent every day
Each milestone bringing mixed feelings
Joy and pride in those little achievements
And sadness for so many moments
That had now just become memories


But every so often, there would be a moment
Where I caught a brief and beautiful glimpse
Of the baby she once was in the child she had become.… Read more