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Friday Focus 10/03/17 – There were four in the bed…

This week has left me feeling quite tired. We’re used to the girls climbing into our bed during the night and co-sleeping. On the whole, we usually sleep reasonably well but Jessica and Sophie have both been a little under the weather which has made them both fidget.

Fidget - this week's word of the week

Sophie had her preschool boosters this week and has mostly been fine but was a bit restless the night after.… Read more

The truth about co-sleeping - Little Hearts, Big Love

The truth about co-sleeping

Co-sleeping always sounded like the perfect solution to sleep deprivation.  Snuggling up with my baby, being able to feed them while lying down, both of us dozing off, just drifting in and out of beautiful slumber…  Then as they grew into toddlers, the reassurance of Mummy and Daddy’s presence nearby in the night, being able to soothe them instantly if they had a bad dream and drifting back to sleep once more.  Snuggled up together, sleeping blissfully – it sounded perfect.  Four years on from those pre-baby fantasies of what co-sleeping would be like, I have learned that while co-sleeping might be a way of getting a little more sleep, it is not quite that blissful snuggly slumber that I imagined it would be.… Read more