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Travelling to the 12 corners of the UK in a Tuk Tuk for Healing Little Hearts

Our family challenge last year was to travel from Land’s End to John O’Groats on public transport. Last month, we attended the Land’s End-John O’Groats Association awards dinner in Torquay where we were presented with our certificates and Sophie won the Jack Adams/Richard Elloway trophy for being the youngest person to do the journey in 2016.… Read more

LEJOG Day 4 – We did it!

Despite being given directions at the hotel to the bus stop we still managed to completely miss it and had to ask someone else. It turned out we’d walked straight past it – how both hubby and I had managed to miss the bus shelter and the big yellow BUS STOP on the road when we’d passed the church (which we had noticed!) is beyond me!… Read more

View from the train at Berwick-upon-Tweed

LEJOG Day 2 – Penzance to Perth

I had hoped for a reasonable night’s sleep ahead of getting the 6.28am train from Penzance but I ended up co-sleeping with Sophie whose dreams clearly featured her as a Riverdancing octopus if the amount of fidgeting was anything to go by. Thankfully my sense of adventure overrode my usual morning grumpiness and although it was a bit of a rush to get to the station, at least I wasn’t too zombie-like!… Read more

LEJOG Day 1 – Getting to the start

“We’re going on a ‘venture!” Sophie kept saying as we rushed around getting everything ready to set off towards Land’s End – the starting point for our LEJOG challenge. Unfortunately in the rush, neither hubby nor I noticed that Jessica hadn’t picked up Kerry, her favourite dolly, and it was only when we arrived at the station that we realised she was missing.… Read more

The signpost at Land's End with "Our Family LEJOG challenge - August 2016) written on one of the arms

Our Land’s End to John O’Groats Challenge

Like the gold postbox challenge, it all started with a throwaway comment. “Shall we keep going until we get to John O’Groats?” hubby said jokingly as we headed towards Birmingham for a weekend stop before going to Butlins. “No, it would take hours!” I replied – which prompted us to look up just how long it would take.… Read more

The #NoComplaints challenge – can you go a day without complaints, criticism or negative thinking?

I was recently inspired by Cuddle Fairy to take part in the #NoComplaints challenge – trying to go a whole day without complaints, criticism or negative thinking. Whilst I try to be quite a positive person, I know that I can also get quickly sucked into a spiral of negativity (especially when tired) and this sounded like a good challenge to try.… Read more

The Olympic Gold Postbox Challenge - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Olympic gold postbox challenge

It all started back in August 2012 – just a few days into the London 2012 Olympics, with our friend Bryan posting the following Facebook status:

The status that started it all: The Olympic Gold Postbox Challenge - Little Hearts, Big Love

I don’t think it crossed my mind to take part in the challenge when I first read it though. It wasn’t until hubby and I were planning a late summer break a few days later – starting in Sunderland and then heading further north to see the pandas in Edinburgh Zoo and visit a friend of ours in Glasgow – that the idea of looking for the gold postboxes really started to take shape.… Read more

The Paralympic Gold Postbox Challenge

During the London Olympics back in August 2012, Royal Mail announced that each gold medal winner would have a postbox painted gold in his or her home town. At the time, we didn’t really take much notice of this until a photo appeared on Facebook of Jessica’s godfather Bryan standing next to a gold postbox and challenging his friends to see who could visit the most.… Read more

40acts: Week 7

Happy Easter everyone! Lent is now over and this year’s 40acts challenge has come to an end, although as with last year, the daily challenges have left me with quite a lot of food for thought and I’ll be taking some of them on board through Easter and beyond.

40acts: Week 7 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The challenges for this week have been:

  • Act 35: Bite your tongue – trying to prevent harsh words slipping out
  • Act 36: Do the dirty work – doing a domestic chore that we tend to avoid
  • Act 37: Heavy lifting – trying to ease someone else’s burden
  • Act 38: Open up – being open about our struggles
  • Act 39: Write off – writing off someone’s debt to you
  • Act 40: Undercover –An anonymous over-the-top generous act


Some of the challenges have been a little harder to complete through being on holiday – tackling a domestic chore that I usually avoid or allow someone else to do being a particular example and my way of completing this particular challenge was to allow hubby to stay in the hotel room with the girls on arrival whilst I went back out to the car to get some of our luggage – usually I stay with the girls and let him go back and forth to the car.… Read more